For me being a human pup for many years now has been wonderful from my humble beginnings of being a new pup to becoming the respected dog that I am now. Over my time I have noticed when I get into my headspace for WUBBER I have different levels all depending on the situation or scene I am going to be at or involved in. I just do not have the one level of headspace and “BAM” I am WUBBER. I am certain that other pups and dogs are the same way. I am going to attempt to explain what happens or where I go when I become WUBBER.

#1 – hanging out with fellow pups and dogs in a social home environment.
When I am just going to hang out at someone’s place with other pups and dogs and I am suited up in my gear for the situation of just hanging out I usually do not wear the boots but put on my rubber toe socks and instead of rubber paws I put on a pair of black latex gloves if I decide to wear any since we are indoors.  I am still covered just have access to use my hands. Most of the time in this type of interaction I do not wear my harness since it is not formal and I can dress down and be more comfortable as a dog. I would say it is like lounging around in your underwear not having to have all your pup gear on. It is comfortable.


Once I am geared up and I look at myself in a mirror to check that everything is a go. I get into a headspace of where I know I am WUBBER but also more human. Hanging out and just being with fellow pups and dog friends it is more of a laid back social gathering. I can still be a dog but also interact and talk like a human. That is why we are there; to hang out, catch-up with each other and still share our pup and dog lives.


During this type of interaction my headspace is fully aware of being WUBBER but again also more human. I do not go into a deep headspace of being WUBBER like I would if I were with a handler. I get into a headspace that it is just enough to be a dog but socialize like a human being. At gatherings like this there are those times when one can and often does as the day progresses becomes more pup or dog like. Sometimes pups and dogs will be pups and dogs and hanging out becomes more cuddly and after dark if you know what I mean.



#2 – photo sessions and studios.

When I know I am going somewhere just to have some photos taken or in a studio situation my headspace does not go to my WUBBER headspace where I can be a dog. Instead when I arrive there is the initial social interaction with the photographer or director of what is planned, what is expected and whatnot. After I get into my gear or other type of gear that is going to be required at this specific location my headspace might slightly go to WUBBER due to the gear being on my body but for the majority I am just myself wearing gear and taking direction.


Realizing that I am geared up I might want to get into my WUBBER headspace but at the same time I also realize I am there to model and have to take direction so I cannot be distracted. I am a tool for the project to be accomplished. If I am in my WUBBER headspace I cannot fully do that because I become a bit aloof being a dog, therefore I have to remain human.  At times like this I try not to look at myself all dressed up in gear. I like to have someone take a look at me and make sure everything is in place and looks good. It helps me stay focused on the task at hand and prevents me from going to my WUBBER headspace.


I am not sure if that makes any sense to you, it is hard to explain. It is the stop and go environment of modeling that is hard for me to get into my WUBBER headspace and stay there when you are always being directed to get the pictures taken.


If I keep myself from going to my WUBBER headspace during a photo session I can be more productive to the director or photographer. I always enjoy looking at the pictures after the work is done, for me that is the reward of being in front of the camera by not delving into my WUBBER headspace. I guess I keep work and play separated when need be.



#3 – Pup events.

Where do I start on this… there is just so much variety at an event.

I have been to a handful of pup and kink events. There have been events where this dog has been extremely shy all the to being at events where I get down on all fours and just bark and wag my tail all night long. As with any event that I attend I always make sure I know someone that is going to be there or have someone go with me. I truly like the buddy system. I like to have an idea of the environment, what I am going to do, who I may meet, what to avoid, ect. and having a buddy to watch your back is always nice to have.


I guess I will start with first interactions at an event. Mainly at an event I will get geared up take some time to find my headspace where it be in my hotel room, locker room or changing area. Once I feel comfortable, have my headspace situated I will go out and start wondering the event area as a spectator. At this point I wonder around like a lost puppy. I look at things, familiarize myself with the area, get ideas of stuff that I want to come back to and check out in more detail, ect. During this time I am pretty carefree and wide-eyed. Being geared up taking the first few steps at an event is always a bit intimidating at first but as I have come to find out walking around in your gear is very liberating and helps open oneself up for later. Plus it lets others see you who most likely recognize you from your gear and it makes it easier not only for yourself but others to approach and say hello. You cannot do this walking around in human clothes for most of the people at an event when others will know you best from the look of your gear. You have to remember it is the outside coverings one wears that other pups and dogs will recognize and know first.

Being in this type of headspace, getting to know the feel of the event really helps me open up and later get into a deeper headspace of being WUBBER. You can wonder around at first in your human street clothes but as I have experienced it is better to start as early as you can wearing your gear at an event since time will go by faster than one would think. Might as well go all out while you can. There have been times when I was not in gear then later regretted it. So I tend to be in my gear as much as possible when attending an event.


Now that I have gone over first interaction at an event it would be logical of me to move onto a deeper headspace. If you know where you are going: to the puppy mosh, interactive displays, demonstrations, ect I find it for me to be in a deeper headspace as WUBBER. If I am with a handler who is leading me around I like to try to get deep into my WUBBER headspace. This is when I will only communicate with barks and yelps or use my eyes as I let my handler do the talking for me.


If I am going out alone like I often do I get into a headspace where I can be WUBBER but also casually be human. This is more of a deeper headspace than before when I was just first checking everything out. It is a difficult thing to do sometimes but I still communicate mostly with barks and yelps at this point and if I have to I can talk as a human and not break the headspace I am in. Once I am at the function I wanted to be at, I can get down on all fours and just be a dog. Mixing the two human talk and dog talk helps keep my mind in the proper headspace to be WUBBER in situations like this. Are you confused? I hope not.


If I am going to hang out with other pups and wonder an event I usually do not get into a deep headspace. Instead I will be in my gear and have fun with those I am with. We can talk as humans but at the same time still bark at each other and know what we are getting at. For me it is kind of like the headspace I have when hanging out with friends. It is the same thing here just in a public space instead of a home.


At events my WUBBER headspace changes throughout my time being there. As I would like to remain in a deep WUBBER headspace I know that is not possible. You have to be able to change and alter your headspace for the situation. As long as you are having fun it should not matter what type of headspace you get to.


There is one thing you have to remember at any event. You do not have to partake in anything that you do not want to. If you say “no” it means no. Do not let anyone, a friend, especially a stranger take you and force you to do anything that you do not want to do. Everyone should respect each other at an event and make it a pleasant memory for all who attend.


OK one last thing about getting into headspace at an event.  I cannot explain your headspace to you. I can only talk about my WUBBER headspace. You just have to get out there and find your own headspace for yourself.



#4 – Bars and non-pup gatherings.

I have only been to a bar or club in full WUBBER gear a handful of times. I have learned that most of the time the patrons at places like this know what to expect and really do not care then again there are those who will look at you, say things to you and can be nice or a douche. I have been to places like this both on a gear night and a few occasions when out of town it was just for fun.

Nights out like this I do not get into a headspace but it is just I being myself wearing my gear having fun with a friend or two. If someone comes up and asks to pet the pup or say, “who’s a good boy?” I will bark and do a little wag just to be friendly. Thankfully I have never been in a situation where someone has come up and acted like a jerk.

If you go out to a place that is not a pup-related or gear night be sure to know the rules, what is and is not appropriate and most of all be careful and have fun.



#5 – at home.

If you are lucky enough to have a handler, SIR or a caretaker of any sort – good for you. If you are home alone and you want to get into your headspace do so. The more you can get into you headspace the easier it becomes later.


I have had a handler but the relationship did not work out so we parted ways. Having had the experience of having a handler to being mostly a stray independent dog I have learned a few things.

Being a pup or dog in the home opens you up to more experiences of truly being down on all fours and becoming that pup or dog inside of you. Of course this all depends on how you want to be treated and what you are expecting to get out of this. For your protection both you and your other need to have a set of rules to abide by.


For me as WUBBER being in the home environment I can get into a headspace that is extremely deep. As long as I am being taken care of properly I can remain in a deep headspace for a long time. There is just something inside of me that changes when I am in my full WUBBER gear. When I look at myself in the mirror then have my hand paws placed on so that I cannot use them as human hands and finally get down on all fours the magic happens. It might be that I am able to let go in the home environment without feeling people judge me but my headspace is full on WUBBER in the home. I can crawl around, bark, chase a toy, sleep in my kennel, eat and drink out of a bowl and so much more.  


When I am in a deep headspace as WUBBER I tend to become really aloof and ignore a lot that is around me. Sometimes my handler has to raise his voice or say something two or more times to get my attention. There are times when I have been so into the headspace that I did not even realize I was doing dog things without question. I get so into it that I feel free and well I am a dog. It has taken me years to get to this level of headspace but the more I can get to any level of WUBBER’s headspace the better I say.



Getting into your headspace is a special journey for all. Each person or pup has his or her own way of getting into headspace. Do what you have to do to let go and become that pup inside of you. It may not be easy, you may feel embarrassed but in time you will get there.


It is a hard topic to explain and talk about. I just hope what I have here has helped you understand headspace a little bit more.