Within the human pup play community; many of us “pups” like to have a tail to wag and rightfully so. When you are down on all fours being a playful pup you want to show how happy you are by wagging your tail.


There are a lot of pup tails that plug into your bum and I am a big fan of insertable butt plug tails. When a tail in plugged into your bum it becomes part of you and not just a strap on extra. When I gear up I like my tail to be smooth and not textured like so many of them out there. To me the aesthetic of a smooth tail while being in full rubber just looks better.


I have heard of a tail plug that Oxballs makes called the Alien Pup-Tail. It is smooth and made out of what they say is their signature FLEX-TPR material. The material is super soft; it squashes very well and wiggles with ease.

When I found out about this tail via a short tail wagging video on the internet that I saw from a fellow pup I had to ask what it was. The wagging movement it had really amazed me and the length was what this pup has been looking for. I have always wanted a longer tail to wag and this Alien Pup-Tail by Oxballs measures in at 13-inches. So I started my research on this amazing looking tail.


I found out that this tail comes in five colors: solid black, solid red, a transparent smoke grey, a transparent sulphur yellow and a transparent polar blue. I wanted to get on in the solid black color since my pup form Wubber Pup is all black and silver in coloration it would be the best choice for me to use as a tail. I come to find out that the black one is very popular and after many months of waiting for Oxballs to get more in stock I gave up. I then stumbled upon The Stockroom that had the Oxballs Alien Pup-Tail in stock so I order it immediately. The Stockroom only carries the Alien Pup-Tail in solid Red and solid Black.

When I received my solid black Alien Pup-Tail I was pretty happy with the weight and feel of it. It is hefty in weight even though it is made from that FLEX-TPR material. The Oxballs website says it weighs 15.5oz. Upon opening it up and inspecting it the tail wiggled in my hands. I was pretty happy with that.


At first this Alien Pup-Tail might look weird to you if you are not familiar with or have never have worn a cock-sling. You might even be a bit confused on how to wear it. There are no instructions so before you plug the tail into your bum you have to first get your meat and potatoes into it.


I find it easier to start by adding a little water based lube to the cock-sling before you try to get it on.


Carefully stretch the cock-sling open from the backside and slip it over your testicles making sure they go down into the opening on the bottom of the cock-sling. Depending on the size of your testicles you might have to pull one through at a time. Once your testicles are in place push or pull your penis through the backside of the cock-sling and up into the other opening on the cock-sling and adjust for comfort and positioning. Once that is accomplished take the plug part of the Alien Tail-Plug and make sure it is facing to the rear. Add some lube to the plug and then go under your legs and push the plug up into your bum.


Now that the Alien Pup-Tail is in place give it a little wag to see how it feels. You will notice or at least I did that the cock-sling helps hold the tail in position. I am lead to believe that it is due to the material it is made from.


Once you get the Alien Pup-Tail on you will notice how easily it wags when you move. It is a nice wagging movement but I find the tail does not really stay up due to the FLEX-TPR material it is made out of. In my opinion the material is to soft and the tail kind of flops down and to the side. You really have to keep moving to keep it wagging which to me is a downer of this product. Perhaps if they base of the tail was made in a more dense material it would help hold it up.

As I had this tail plugged into my bum I was fairly happy with how it felt inside of me. One thing that I quickly learned from wearing this tail was that it kept popping out of my bum. It is not because my tail hole is loose, no it is due to the fact that the weight of the tail moving and the soft material the tail will wag and gravity takes hold and makes the tail slip out, plus I was naked and on all fours at the time and not geared up in my Wubber gear. The good thing is that the cock-sling kept it from falling onto the floor.
I believe if you are going to wear this tail while naked, a tail harness is a must.

When wearing the Alien Pup-Tail you have to wear a tail holder with it to keep it from falling out of your bum or if you are like me and wear rubber, your suit should keep it in place and prevent it from falling out.


The plug part of the Alien Pup-Tail is it soft and squishy and according to the Oxballs website measures in circumference at the smallest point at 3.25-inches and the largest point at 6-inches. That may sound big to some but being made out of that super soft and squishy FLEX-TPR material I wish Oxballs made the plug part of the Alien Pup-Tail a little larger and in the stanard egg shape. I feel it would help to keep it in place better if it were maybe 1-inch larger in the circumferences.

So what is my overall view on the Oxballs Alien Pup-Tail?

As a pup that likes plug type tails I am mostly happy with it. Besides from the weird design that might confuse some people on how to wear it, the plug part popping out when wagging naked and the cock-sling really not doing anything besides helping control the tail from moving to much… I will give this product an ok rating. It is not the best of designs but for me I like it due to it being smooth and not textured. If you are going to be on all fours playing, barking and just being a pup this is a good wagging tail just be sure to wear a tail holder or be in gear that will hold it in place.


I do not believe this is a good tail for beginner pups or perhaps some more advanced pups. This Alien Pup-Tail is definitely something I feel many will either like or hate with very little in-between.



Would I recommend the Alien Pup-Tail to others?


I will have to say if you have the extra money to spend on it and were curious about it like I was then yes. If you are just looking for a tail to plug in and wear no this is not the tail for you.