Tusken (Sand Person) Raider Neck Canister
As seen in Star Wars Episode IV - A New Hope.

For my Tusken Raider Head Display I wanted it to look a little more complete. I was happy with what I have created but something was missing. I needed the neck canister.

I started off my looking at what the canister looked liked. From there I decided on some parts that resembled the original parts used. Since I had no idea what those parts were I came up with my own.
I cut down the parts to make a makeshift canister body.
I drilled the main holes for the detail parts to fit.
I created the detail parts and drilled the ends as needed.
I then glued the detail parts and the canister parts together.
This is the canister body.
I spray painted the ends of the canister silver.
I cut some leather materail, the same material I used on the Tusken Raider snout / mouth and glued it onto the canister body.
I than added my copper tubing all the way through the canister bdoy.

I then added my neck wire and my Tusken Raider neck Canister is completed.