Mositure Vaporator
As seen in the Star Wars Saga

The device comprised any number of tall slender refrigerated pipes (usually one) though many variations and designs exsist. When hot, moist air came into contact with one of the frigid tubes, the humidity immediately condensed into droplets of pure water that ran down the tubes and into underground storage tanks.

A properly maintained moisture vaporator could usually collect enough water to sustain three average Humans, even on hot desert planets like Tatooine, and Geonosis. Because of the delicate nature of the machines, regular maintenance was usually required.

I decided to make a new piece for the growing bunker that we set up at various conventions and venues.

I did my research and noticed that the large Moisture Vaporators are similiar in design though many have different details parts and pieces. So I have three weeks in which to build this so it is ready in time for the MidWest ComicCon that is being held in Indianapolis, IN November 14-16, 2008 I began my construction of my version of the Moisture Vaporator.


After I had an idea and plans of how I needed to build this Moisture Vaporator I began my construction with the gathering of materials and creating the square box part for the Moisture Vaporator.
As I started to build I figured out along the way just how to get things to fit and come apart for ease of transport.
This is the main body of the Mositure Vaporator thus far. Three sections that stack onto of each other.
I sanded the wooden box pretty smooth. I designed it to open so we can put paper, notebooks, pencils, ect inside. Might as well make it functional.
Here is the box snaded and primed. It will get another sanding and another coat of primer later.
This is one of the main body sections in progress.
Ok the three main body sections ready to go. Now to start the rest of this Moisture Vaporator.
This is what I have so far all attached (stacked) on each other. I do believe it is starting to look somewhat like a Moisture Vaporator.
To hold the outside pipes I went ahead and made the connection pipes as part of the base. I also did the same thing with the upper part of the Moisture Vaporator.
Here is a quick test fit of what I have done so far. There are no details added to this yet. Just the main structure is built and not looking to shabby. I think if a Star Wars fan saw this at a show they would know it is a Moisture Vaporator.
Here I am standing next to what I have built. You can see this is not super large but has a nice size to it. Still need to work on the top and the detail parts.
I started priming the pieces flat grey. For when I get around to painting this piece the color will blend and match.
I then created the top pipe piece, the weather vane details are not yet placed on this piece.

I then started to add detail pieces to the Moisture Vaporator with some artistc license.

Well here it is, my design of a Moisture Vaporator.
Now to finish priming it and then begin the painting process.