Muscle Suit
This is my muscle suit that I purchased to use with a variety of my costumes. The investment for this muscle suit is well worth it. Not only can you wear clothes underneath it, for those costumes where you need to endow the character you can wear a cup underneath as well.
When you order one of these muscle suits that come in a variety of muscle sizes, you will need to measure yourself for a proper fit since each muscle suit is custom made to your measurements. It helps to have someone measure you or get it done professionally.

I use this muscle suit and the one question people ask is "Do you get hot wearing the muscle suit?"
The answer is "No. The muscle suit is made out of a lightweight cotton material and the muscles are
stuffed. When I wore the muscle suit I have stayed rather cool and comfortable. A must for costuming!

One thing that I will suggest for wearing this muscle suit is to place some straps around the wrists and ankles
to help hold the muscle suit in place. I have learned in those spots the muscle suit will move and shift around.