Venom - SpiderMan

RETIRED - This is no longer in my collection.

Venom is the result of symbiosis between the extraterrestrial "Venom" symbiote and Eddie Brock, a human host. Before this merger, Eddie was a journalist who held a personal grudge against Spider-Man. Eddie Brock, as Venom, is one of Spider-Man's deadliest foes and is one of the most well-known villains.

The suit can also shoot webbing similar to that of Spider-Man, albeit from the back of the host's hand instead of the wrist, but as this is made from the symbiote itself, overuse slightly weakens it. However, the symbiote is still capable of producing vast amounts of this webbing before it is forced to stop. Furthermore, it does have an upper limit as to how much webbing it can produce.

The symbiote is particularly vulnerable to sonics and fire.

This venom costume is based off of the comic book with some variation.

I started off with a Black Spider-Man Symbiote / Venom Suit. I went two sizes larger than my normal size since the material is a less stretchy shiny lycra. Plus I will be using my muscle suit to help fill out the body form.

With some 3D Art and Fabric Paint I tried something that I have heard about. I put on the outfit and I marked (only eyes were pre-sewn) where the mouth would be for Venom.

I then painted on the mouth. Since this is based off the comic book version I figured it can look a little cartoony.

Here is the mouth all painted on the head of the outfit. Not too bad!
I decided not to add any dripping goo from the mouth.

So what does this look like on the finsihed costume? Take a look!

OK, my muscle suit is not as big as Venom's muscles are so the suit does not stretch as much as I would like, but I think it looks fine for what it is worth.

Venom is alive!


Lets go take on the world.

Where is Spider-Man at?

The Power to move like shadow.

I am coming to get you!

Here I am at the end with the hood pulled down.

Overall I am happy with how my comic version of Venom turned out.