Tusken Raider (Sand Person) - Footwear

Boots or shoes covered with cloth wrappings. These continue up the leg until concealed within the robe. The wrappings should cover the boot/shoes and conceal all skin or street clothes between the footwear and the robe.

For my Tusken Raider boots I chose to use the steal toe black rubberized work boots that I purchased at Wal-Mart.

Before starting the wrapping of the boots I wiped them down with rubbing alcohol to remove any oils and residues that might be on the boots.

I then took my pre dyed and lightly weathered fabric straps in 2-foot lengths and started to adhere the fabric with Loctite Stik'n Seal. I started off by going around the bottom edge of the boot and made sure it slighlty wrapped to the underside of the boot. This will make sure that you have no gaps showing in case you miss a spot while wrapping.

Afther the first part had dried I started the next step in the boot wrapping. I first covered the back side of the boots from the heal and up to the ankle area. I then started to wrap from the front (toe) of the boots back. As you can see here I have one boot wrapped up to where the neck of the boot starts to go up. The front boot is not that far in the wrapping yet.

You will want to watch on how you wrap your boots. You want it sort of random but at the same time natural just like the helmet or head of the Tusken Raider. DO NOT just start at one end and work your way from there.


Now I have wrapped more up the neck of the boots. I am only wrapping one or two lengths of my 2-foot fabric pieces at a time on the boots. I am letting the glue dry between layers or steps. It may be a slow process but I would rather be certain the fabric is holding to the boots than have them all fall off the first time I troop as a Tusken Raider.
Almost there. Just a little more wrapping to go.

Now that the boots are fully wrapped I went back with some fabric glue and any spots of the fabric that may be lifting up or not fully glued down I went ahead and glued those spots down. I want my fabric to be fully glued and held down since footwear does get abused and it needs to hold up to any trooping that one may do.

*I did not go all the way to the top. On the boots there was a line where I stopped the fabric at.

Since I will be trooping in these with my Tusken Raider outfit I decided to take the boots one step farther.

The fabric wraps around on the bottom of the boots. I took some polyurethane and coated the bottom of the boots to help hold and protect the fabric from coming off while walking. As the polyurethane was still tacky I took some precut non-slip material and attached them to the bottom of the boots with some of the same glue I used to glue the fabric onto the boots.

This will not only protects the fabric on the bottom of the boots but it gives me some traction to prevent me from slipping on smooth surfaces such as a convention floor.

After the glue is fully dry I will weather up and dirty the boots some more.

My Tusken Raider boots are completed!