Tusken Raider (Sand Person) - Bandoliers

A Tusken Raider must have at least one bandolier; preferably one of these (from ANH):
•leather Henry Martini British .303 bandolier pattern
•leather Lee Metford (Boer War era) British .303 bandolier pattern
•leather Lee Enfield British .303 bandolier 1903 pattern

*A prequel Tusken may utilize the leather Swedish Mauser bandolier. Other leather WW2 era style bandoliers (or similar recreations) matching the styles in the movie may also be acceptable.

I ordered two replica British P-1903 Leather Five Pocket Bandoliers from IMA (International Military Antiques).

Complete with brass buckle and tie down strap these come in the original tan leather colour of 1903 issue. Used through WWI and again in WWII.

As you can see they came nice and clean. I will have to weather them up for my Tusken Raider outfit.


Here I beat up, scratched and gave some wear and tear to the bandoliers. I sprayed a little black and brown paint on them as well.


I then took an older brown belt and attached the two bandoliers together. This way I can just swing in over my shoulder and buckle it up on the back and they will stay in place.