Tusken Raider (Sand Person) - Arm Wrappings

Cloth wrappings start at the palm and continue up the arm until concealed within robe. The wrappings should conceal all skin between the gloves and the robe.

I started by tearing strips of the natural bulldenim that I used on my inner robe. I am going to lay them ontop of each other so they overlap and sew them together.

This is the strips of fabric all sew together. I had to do this two times, one for each arm.

I did not worry that the edges did not line up. The sewn fabric piece will be folded in half and marked to make a sleeve out of it. So the edges after being sewn will be cut.

This is the arm sleeve folded over and sewn. I had to do this twice, one for each arm.

I then laid the sewn arms (inside) onto a shirt that I am going to sew them to.

After I mark and pin the pieces I can sew them together.

This is the shirt with the sewn on arms wraps.
Not shown dirty or weatherd.

Trying on my Arm Wrappings shirt that I made. As you can see it
goes all the way down to cover the wrists even with my gloves on.

My Arm Wrappings Shirt has not yet been weathered in these pictures.