Tusken Raider (Sand Person) - Outer Robe

The Outer Robe is a loose fitting open robe made of a textured, sand-colored fabric that is heavier than the inner robe. This is worn over the bandolier(s) and inner robe and reaches at least to the bottom of the inner robe. The outer robe should extend along the arms a little and can go down to the wrists if desired.

For my outer robe of my Tusken Raider I decided on using a heavy cotton weave material also known as Duck Cloth.
Depending on what you choose to use the material can be a cotton material, burlap or other of your choosing.

*You can see in the close up picture that I made a sew line at the bottom edge to stop the fraying from going all the way up the robe.

Here is my inner robe just after I have sewn it together. It is the same pattern as the inner robe.

Now it is time to wash it and when it has dried it will be ready for weathering when the time comes.

*You can see in the picture marked in a blue line I slit my outer robe all the way up so it will be open. Along the blue marked line I sewn the edges to stop the fraying from going all the way into the robe. I also did this along the sleeves and neck area.

Test fit of my Outer Robe with my Inner Robe and Arm Wraps.

My Outer Robe has not yet been weathered in these pictures.