Tusken Raider (Sand Person) - Girth Belt

A 5" to 7" wide girth belt worn under any waist bandolier fastenes in the back. Sometimes made of a similar fabric to the robes but does not have to be. A lighter flowing material may also be utilized for the girth belt. No excess material should hang from the back of the girth belt.

My Girth Belt is made out of a lighter material than my Inner Robe.

I chose to use 1/2" parachutte buckles for my fasteners. You will
not see them since my Outer Robe and Bandolier will hide them.

*When I was weathering the Girth Belt the can of paint I was using
sprung a leak and went all over. I like the brown spots on my Girth Belt.
You will not see most of it since it will be covered by the Bandolier.