Stormtrooper AFX V2.0 - Star Wars Trilogy

Stormtroopers are totally loyal to the Empire and cannot be bribed, seduced or blackmailed. Stormtroopers represented the most visible extension of Imperial might. They were shock troopers meant to strike with speed and accuracy, putting down insurrections and maintaining order on the far-flung worlds of the Empire. Stormtroopers served both the ground-based armies of Palpatine’s forces, and the space-based Imperial Starfleet.

My 501st TK-3778 Information.

As time is going on people are finding out more and more about original Stormtrooper armor that was used in the Star Wars Trilogy. First off my armor is AFX which was the armor type that founded the 501st and many people continue to use. Anyways I have decided to make some upgrades / modifications to my armor to make just a little more screen accurate.

Unmodified and Modified

First off every time I wear my Stormtrooper armor just under my biceps pieces my arm gets pinched and it welts and bruises.

Thanks to a member of the 501st he told me to take off about 1/4 - 1/2 inch of the bicep armor at the bottom edge.

It is amazing not only has the pinching stopped but I now have just a little more movement while in my armor.

Unmodified and Modified

With the forearms, I have always had movement troubles when trying to reach up and place my helmet on or taking it off. My elbows would pinch just like my biceps and my wrists could not really bend and grab like I really would have liked it to.

So as with the biceps parts I took off about 1/4 inch on the wrist area on the forearm armor and at the top of the armor where it meets the elbow I widened the gap where it would pinch.

Just like with the bicep I now have a little more freedom of movement and my wrists and elbows can bend without being pinched on the armor.

With the black buttons and buttons removed.

Compare old / replacement buttons and buttons attached to my armor.

*This is an upgrade / modification that is not required but starting to become more common with Stormtrooper armor.

The AFX armor comes with black buttons for the armor. Though just a little larger than what they need to be and the wrong color I decided to remove the old black buttons and place on smaller buttons that are painted like in the movies.

As you can barely see here the buttons are grey and blue.

The grey color is the same grey color used on the thermal detonator and helmet trim. The blue color is the same or close to the same color on the helmet cheek stickers.

Before (black) and After (blue)

My helmet when assembled I used the black cheek stripes. Now that I know they are blue as in the movies I replaced my black stripes with the correct blue stripes.

*Many people upgrade to a different and smaller helmet but not me. I like the the AFX helmet it is not as claustrophobic even if it is not as screen accurate as the smaller helmet.


I hope that you enjoyed what I have done to my AFX Stormtrooper armor. With these small modifications it not only makes the armor a little bit more screen accurate but with the proper trimming and adjustments the armor fits a whole lot better.

I know that I enjoy my Stormtrooper armor very much and with a little more tweeking I can make the armor fit like a glove.

I also added a fan into my helmet just to help circulate the air inside. I put a flip switch on the left side just under the ear piece. That way I can turn the fan on and off as needed without taking my helmet off. Though not accurate it works for me.

My Stormtrooper armor before upgrades and modifications.