Snowtrooper Helmet

The Snowtrooper Helmet is a pain. Depending on what reference images you are using the Snowtrooper Helmet varies. I went with the standard look or to the best I could make it by looking at still images.

I could not find the thin vynal that most people use.
So I decided to use a nice white vynal material that I think works well.

Here is a pict of the helmet as I was attaching the front cloth material.
I used GOOP to glue it on.

Here is my Snowtrooper Helmet assembled. At this point it is NOT weathered up. That will come later when the entire outfit is finsihed and ready for weathering.

No the fabric material is not cut funny. It is just folding under a bit. It is cut straight and proper.

This is the inside of my helmet. You can see that the fabric on the inside I duct taped it with white duct tape to help hold it down. I also hot glued in the green lens and edged them with white duct tape. It may not look pretty but it is the inside of the helmet, who cares what it looks like on the inside. I then took some green foam and hot gluled it into the dome. This is the head support for the helmet. Fits nice and snug.