Snowtrooper Boot Modifications

Some people say you must remove the laces from the boots. This is not true. Not all of the Snowtroopers had their laces removed from their boots. I think it is a personal choice if you want to remove the laces from your boots or not. I have chosen not to. Why? It is because I want to be able to tighten up the laces to secure the boot to my feet. The boots have a tall bottom to it and I just want to be secured to my boots.

The boots are getting harder to find now a days. The original boots used for Snowtroopers in "Star Wars - The Empire Strikes Back" are Military Issue Canadian Mukluks. You can still find these boots if you look for them for around the price of $70.00. When you order these boots for your costume make sure you get three sizes smaller. For example I wear a size 9 so I got size 6. They fit nice and snug like a military boot should.

Here is a picture of two Snowtroopers. If you notice the laces are still on their boots.

Here is a close up of the boots from the picture above. You can clearly see the laces.

This is what I started with.

I bought my white strap and cut six pieces into 20" length.
I then Tea Dyed the straps so they had some weathering on them.

I marked the back of the boots for strap placement. I attached the straps with binding screws.
Before attaching the straps I sewed on velcro to each strap so they will fasten together on the front side.

My finished boots.