Snowtrooper Backpack / Thermal Detonator

The backpack came assembled in my kit. This section shows an upgrade I made to my backpack by attaching the thermal detonator to it. The only thing I did to it before was attaching my straps.
I took my thermal detonator and attached two aluminum bars to it. I marked where it would be attched to the backpack. I then drilled some holes into the aluminum and backpack. With some license plate holder tabs I pushed them into the backpack.
I attached the thermal detonator assembly to the backpack by screwing in the screws that came with the license plate holder tabs.

My thermal detonator now hangs from by backpack and not on the back of my belt. This way I do not have to worry about loosing my thermal detonator or anything. It will always be there without any worry of it falling off.