Snowtrooper- Star Wars - The Empire Strikes Back

Snowtroopers or Blizzard Force are an elite division of the Imperial Stormtrooper infantry. They wear customized armor well-suited to the climate extremes of ice planets like Hoth and Rhen Var. In addition to the hard white armor, their suit incorporated fabric overgarments that helped contain heat and terrain gripping boots for slippery conditions. The helmet contained snow goggles and breath warmer cover and breath heater.

They brandished standard blaster rifles, blaster pistols, heavy repeating blaster, thermal detonators and concussion grenades. Specialized teams used E-Web heavy cannons. In the Battle of Hoth, snowtroopers rode in AT-ATs (All-Terrain Armored Transports) before going on the ground. Although it is not specifically seen, it is assumed that snowtroopers drove the AT-STs (All-Terrain Scout Transports) in the battle as well.The Imperial troops who invaded the Rebel base on Hoth were part of an elite stormtrooper corps, assigned to General Veers and the Imperial Death Squadron. While the fleet carried stormtroopers from all the specialized divisions, those dispatched to Hoth were designated the Blizzard Force team.

Blizzard Force stormtroopers are trained to work in tandem with AT-AT walkers. There is no stealth involved in Blizzard Force tactics. They are trained to hit a planet fast and hard, like a blizzard, crushing any opposition quickly and completely. Once walkers secure an area, snowtroopers disembark via zip-lines and then go about clearing any pockets of resistance.

My 501st 3778 Information.

Here is the Snowtrooper Armor Kit I purchased from

As you can see it comes with all the Armor Parts for the Snowtrooper.
You need to supply your own cloth parts and supplies.

Besides the obvious armor other parts of the Snowtrooper outfit include:

The gloves are the dirty white work gloves. In this case I am using gloves from Wells Lamont. Any dirty canvas type work gloves will work well with this outfit.

snowtrooper pants

For the pants cold weather / snow pants are what should be used. But since this costume is not going to be used in extreme cold weather environments I have decided to use a pair of white hospital scrub pants. They come all nice and white but that will change when I weather them up.

The Coat has to be custom made. It is basically an old style Military Coat made of a cotton type fleece fabric. I am lucky enough to have a friend's mom measure and sew the coat for me. Thank you!

As you can see this cost is very nice.

These are the same as the Boba Fett pouches but in a white color. The best Snowtrooper pouches are from TK409. They come in white but in my picture I have already weathered them up. They open and are functional.

Some modifications need tobe made to the boots.
View Boot Modificaton Information.



Here are the clothing parts of the Snowtrooper outfit. I have not yet modified or weathered any of clothing parts when this picture was taken.

Here is my finished TS-3778 costume, it has been lightly weathered in these pictures. Snowtrooper are not bright white. They are dirty and have seen some action.

You can view some picts of just the weathered armor.

TS-3778 TS-3778 TS-3778

TS-3778 TS-3778 TS-3778

TS-3778 TS-3778 TS-3778

TS-3778 TS-3778