Jaga - Sci-Fi / Space

RETIRED - This Is No Longer In My Collection.

I was just having some fun taking pictures and I decided to pull out my Jaga fur suit. I wanted to see what he would look like without the body just using the head, hand-paws, and feet. For the outfit I used one of my spandex suits that I nevr use for anything. I just tucked the hand-paws and feet under the spandex suit. I did not zip-up the back since I was just playing around. For just playing around I really like how this turned out. Of course I am using my muscle suit underneath. I think if I had a tail this would have looked much better.

My Jaguar Fursuit is from Realms of Enchantment.

Here we are just landed on a strange planet. Be careful.

Look over there! Hello!

Here I am with the Jaga Head removed.