Rebel Fleet Trooper - Star Wars - A New Hope

Rebel Troopers (also known as Rebel Soldiers and Rebel Infantry) were standard foot soldiers employed by the Alliance to Restore the Republic. From the beginning of the Alliance and up until the formation of the New Republic, the Rebel troopers saw their organization transformed. What started out as countless local cells of loosely structured resistance groups, gradually turned into a galactic wide and well trained infantry force.

Rebel Troopers comprised the main element of the Alliance to Restore the Republic Army. In the overall structure of the Alliance's military, the troopers fell under the jurisdiction of Sector Forces. Rebel troopers were organized into standard units of varying size, ranging from squads and up to the largest tactical units, the divisions. Divisions were roughly equivalent to Stormtrooper Legions in manpower, but not necessarily in combat power.

The task of supplying all Rebel Troopers with standardized uniforms on a galactic scale was nearly impossible. Nevertheless the Alliance to Restore the Republic Army was able to implement a 'standard look' that would help identify the troopers as Rebels and therefore also improve morale and unit cohesion. The Alderaanian looking and most common uniform of the Rebel troopers consisted of blue shirts, black combat vests, grey trousers and black calf length boots. To protect officers and general infantry from head injuries, white blast helmets with blast visors and extended neck guards were issued as standard headwear. This basic uniform was seen all over the galaxy, often with smaller differences in design and coloring.

RFT Binks
My Rebel Fleet Trooper Information.
501st / Rebel Legion history

Originally I was not going to make this costume since I am more of an Imperail at heart. Plus I do not like costumes where you can see my face.
I purchased the Rebel Fleet Trooper helmet off of a 501st member known as MonCal who makes outstanding product. After I had recevied the helmet I was intrigued. Then shortly after I had recevied my helmet some members in my local 501st Bloodfin Garrison along with some members of the Mos Espa Base from Rebel Legion decided to do a group project and the project chosen was to do the Rebel Fleet Trooper. At this point I already had a pair of boots that I could use from other costumes that I have done, I already had a modified Rebel Blaster that I made and I had the helmet. So after seeing some progress of the group project I was talked into also creating a Rebel Fleet Trooper costume.

Lets start off with the helmet.

From here I went ahead and ordered my Grey BDU Pants from Barre Army Navy and my Black Four Pocket BDU Shirt from Out In Style in which the sleeves and colar will have to be removed to turn this into a vest. From there I went and purchased my two Dickies -Men's Long Sleeve Chambray Shirt at Wal-Mart. You need two since one of them needs to be cut to make the front bib of the shirt. The shirt you wear also needs the front pockets removed.
RFT shirt

This is the two shirts modified into the one that you need for the Rebel Fleet Trooper. The yellow outline shows the front bib for the shirt. This is made from the second shirt you purchased. After you cut the front bid to size for your shirt you can sew the right side as seen in the little dash marks in yellow. From there you will want to put on some snaps to hold it in place as marked in the little green circels.

Once all sewn and snapped together your shirt it finished. This is probably the hardest part of the entire costume since it takes time.


*Some people do not sew the front bib on, instead they use snaps all the way around. It does not matter how you choose to do this as long as the front bib stays secure. You can sew it, snap it or even velcro it on the choice is up to you.

Now that the clothing parts of the Rebel Fleet Trooper are finished I went ahead a bought a 2" Belt Buckle Blank and 2" Belt Blank from Tandy Leather.

The first thing you need to do is dye the Belt Blank with FIEBING's saddle dye. As that dries you can trim the corner edges of the Belt Buckle Blank.

Once the belt buckle is trimmed and the belt is dry, coat the newly dyed belt with FIEBING's Acrylic Resolene to protect the leather finish. After that is dry attach the belt buckle.

Be careful when attaching the belt buckle. It may / will scratch the belt a little bit, mine did.

When ready put the belt on with the pants and try them on. Do not use the belt loops on the pants for the belt. The belt is worn over the pants. You may choose to use the back belt loop to help hold up the belt, I am. Mark the belt where it fits you and trim it if it is too long. At this time you will also want to mark a hole in the belt where the buckle will hold on. Punch or drill the hole and your belt is finished.

Of course you need a blaster as well. I have already modified a Hasbro Rebel Fleet Trooper Blaster.
*A holster is not required for your Rebel Fleet Trooper outfit since not all Rebel Fleet Troopers had them. I had a local member of the Mos Espa Base make one for my outfit just so I do not have to carry my blaster around the whole time I am trooping.

Other additions but not required to you Rebel Fleet Trooper costume can be a rank badge, the little silver belt boxes, the guard pole (Force Pike) and sensor gun as used by the Yavin Rebel Trooper when the Millennium Falcon comes in, ect.

Here is my finished Rebel Fleet Trooper Outfit.

The Rebel Legion ..... Mos Espa Base