Rebel Pilot (X-Wing) - Star Wars A New Hope

RETIRED - This is no longer in my collection.

The men and women of the Rebel Alliance were fiercely dedicated to the principle of freedom, and would lay down their lives to win their objectives. Some were Imperials disillusioned with their government's tyranny. Some were from worlds subjugated by the Empire. In stark contrast to the faceless anonymity of the Stormtrooper ranks or the precision drilling of Imperial Academy training, Alliance troops were aggressively individualistic and much more rag-tag. With their various skills many became fighter pilots for the Rebellion.

Leg Flares and Leg Strap
I first created the X8 leg flares out of 1" PVC pipe.

I capped the PVC pipe with Copper end caps. I decided to use the copper end caps due to the fact that they are more narrow on the sides. The plastic caps were to wide. The narrow look is more accurate. I could of used all copper but I already had the grey PVC pipe at home. No need to spend money if you do not have to.

After I glued the end caps to the pipe I primed them.

Then I sprayed the primed Leg Flares silver.

After the silver paint was dry I sprayed them with a clear coat for protection.

Now to make the Leg Strap to hold the Leg Flares.

I started the leg straps by cutting and sewing a length of cloth that would wrap around the average size person's leg just above the boot. Then I sewn in 2" Elastic for the loops that will hold the flares in place.

The ends of the leg strap each have sewn in velcro for ease of putting the Leg Strap on and taking it off.
Arm Rods / Data Cylinders

I created the X3 Arm Rods / Data Cylinders out of a wooden dowel, washers, and small wooden doll house dishes.

Not screen accurate but they look close enough.

I then primed the Arm Rods / Data Cylinders.
Then I finished up the Arm Rods / Data Cylinders by painting them silver.
They will be added to the arm pocket of the flgiht suit.
NOT! I did not realize when I was creating the Arm Rods / Data Cylinders that my Flight Suit does not have the special pencil pocket that holds them. Instead my Flight Suit has a regualr pocket in it's place. So instead of sewing the proper pocket in, I have decided that my Rebel Pilot costume will not utilize these items.
Pilot's Harness
I bought some boat strap to make the Flight Harness.
I sewed the straps accordingly to create the Rebel Pilot Harness.
Rebel Pilot Helmet
I took the custom helmet that I had and removed the crappy stickers that were on it. I did leave the standard side design in the middle of the helmet. That was not crappy as the rest of the stickers that were on the helmet.

I then wash and cleaned the Helmet up so it could later be painted to my own design.
I studied the many designs used on the Rebel Pilot Helmets. I finally came up with my own design and I began to paint my helmet. I have chose a simple design.
After the base coat was on I scuffed it up and drybrushed on wear and tear to give the Helmet a used look.

This is my finished Rebel Pilot Helmet design.

After I looked at my helmet it resembles the simple design of Wedge Antilles.

Now that the parts required to make this costume are finished I will put it all together.
I purchased the flak vest off the internet, the gloves are generic, and the boots I had.

Here I am in my Rebel X-Wing Pilot Costume.