Pepsi Man - outfit #1

RETIRED - This is no longer in my collection.

Pepsi Man is kind of a klutzy superhero whose mission is to bring Pepsi to thirsty people. There have been Pepsi Man TV commercials in Japan for several years, as well as special cans and a number of promotional items.

While in collage a friend of mine who was working as a Pepsi truck driver told me about some trade shows that Pepsi was going to be at to promote Pepsi. He got me in touch with Pepsi and for a summer I along with another guy went to various venues where Pepsi was set up and we took turns dressing up as Pepsi Man and handed out samples of Pepsi.

If anyone has any picts of us as Pepsi Man at any show(s) please e-mail them to me so I may post them.