Nightwing V1 - DC Comics

RETIRED - This is no longer in my collection.

Dick Grayson left Gotham City to travel the world on his own, much like Bruce Wayne did in the years before he became the Batman. While living abroad, Dick studied many different crime fighting techniques and reexamined his feelings about the role of the Batman’s sidekick Robin. Dick realized he had outgrown the role Robin, and set about developing a new heroic identity all his own.

When Dick returned to Gotham City, he moved out of Wayne manor. Bruce Wayne (The Batman) was respectful of Dick's decision to go. Dick Grayson has a new identity as Nightwing. Dick still teams up with his one-time mentor, but the Batman often finds his one-time partner has new, and in some cases radically different crime fighting ideas of his own. Nightwing has quickly established himself in Bludhaven a city near Gotham as a young, powerful and mysterious force for good. Nightwing uses his sleek motorcycle to patrol the streets of Gotham.

Barbara Gordon (formally Bat Girl) often worked with Dick, who had a huge crush on her, when he was Robin. She was shot and paralyzed by The Joker and she now fights crime as Oracle, a reservior of knowlege and information who assists the Batman team as well as the JLA. Barbara likes the change in Dick Grayson and is developing a romantic relationship with Nightwing.

My very first comic book character costume. Being a fan of various comics I wanted to make a comic chatacter costume. After searching various characters whom I thought I could pull off well it was decided that I should create Nightwing. There have been different versions of Nightwing so I chose the best outfit he has.

At first I thought that I would sew this costume myself, yeah right I purchased
a black leather lycra with a flash of metallic blue bodysuit from Spandexman.

This is the Nightgwing suit I purchased. Not being all that fit like any drawn super hero in a comic book I decided that I would need to help. I cheated and purchased a muscle suit from Facade FX. The muscle suit that I purchased can also by used for other costumes that I create.

Here is the Nightwing costume with the bodysuit.

I made the fighting sticks out of wooden dowel rods and painted them.

Of course the Nightwing costume would not be complete with the mask.

I got the Nightwing mask off of my friend Spat.

With a little black paint around the eys and the
mask put on I think I make a decent Nightwing.
I only wish my hair was grown out a bit longer.

At Wizard World, Chicago 2005 my friends and I did a Batman themed day.
John as Batman, Erica as Batgirl, Myself as Nightwing, and Terence as Scarecrow.
We had many pictures taken at this show with fans which was a lot of fun!

Nightwing and Batman

Batgirl and Nightwing

Of course since Batgirl and Nightwing have a special thing going on Nightwing gets the kiss!

Image sent in to me to post here on my site.