Jaga (Anthropomorphic Jaguar) - Jedi

RETIRED - This Is No Longer In My Collection.

Jaga is my old Jaguar fursuit dressed as a Jedi that I no longer have.

A fallen Jedi secretly trained Jaga in the ways of the Force. The Force was persistent in his body but not as strong as most. As Jaga trained he became skilled with his lightsaber and learned many Jedi and Sith techniques as he become stronger with the Force. When the Republic fell and the Emperor’s loyal troops attacked all that stood in his way, Jaga made his presence known not only to the last of the Jedi but to the Emperor as well. Jaga fought against the rise of this new Empire until his death where he joined with the Force.

Jaga has gone through a few upgrades as you will see in the following pictures.

Version #3 - This is probably the way Jage will look for now on.

At the Ft. Wayne Zoo 2010

Version #1 - Jaga just with Black Robe. Belt is digitally inserted with Photoshop.

Version #2 - I took a Karate Gi and removed the sleeves and then dyed it brown.
I decided not to go with pants. It just did not look right.The belt is made out of brown fabrics I had
around the house so I sewed it all together. The lightsaberis the Episode II Anankin training saber
with the blade removed. The lightsaber clips onto the beltwith a cell phone holder clip that I had.

Realms of Enchantment e-mailed me as said this!
"David! you look fantastic! I love the way you dressed him up, very cool:)

It put a huge smile on our faces :) "

Unfortunately the belt in these pictures is missing. Not sure what happened to it. So I had to create another one as seen in Version #3 of Jaga as a Jedi.