Jaguar Fur Suit

RETIRED - This Is No Longer In My Collection.

This is my Jaguar Fur Suit that I purchased from Realms of Enchantment in 2005.
This is my first fur suit. I have always had an interest in Furdom and now that I know
some people who are also into the furry scene I decided that it was time to get furred.

In August 2011 I decided to let my first fur suit go. As beautiful this suit is I want something
more fursuit and not mascot. Jaga found a new home in which he will be taken care of.

When I got my Jaguar Fur Suit I installed a fan system into the head to help move the air and keep me cool.
When you look at the head of the costume you do not see the fans but they are there. I placed them inside
of the ears since they are open to the outside air. You can see the fans in the close up image looking inside
of the ear. On the inside you can see the fans rather well. The fans are each powered by a X4 AA battery
pack with an off / on switch. The battery packs are held in the head by velcro. Easy access to the packs
so I can remove them to replace the batteries when needed. The total cost of my fan system is $12.00.
Though the head gets hot while wearing it, the two fans move enough air inside of the head to help keep cool.

Here is the Jaguar Fur Suit without the paws or feet.

Now with the paws and feet.

What is nice about the feet is that you can wear shoes inside of them.

I have thought that in the future I will dress this fur suit up and create a second costume with it in the realm of fantasy.