KRUTCH Body Suit

This is the suit part of my Green Kitty. At this time of the construction of my suit I have not yet come up with a name or fursona of this character. That will come in time as progress is made with this character.

I have been asked why a cat? I have always liked cats especially the large cats. So with a full fur suit I wanted a feline character.

The suit was rather difficult to sew. I am thankful that I had some help on this from some friends. I could not have done it without the help.
So here is how the suit came out. Yes the tail is attached to the suit. I have been told I should have made it a belt tail that hooks through the suit to keep it from any damage if someone (kids) decide to pull hard on it. But I feel confident that it is allright. Also the suit is probably a little bit larger and baggie than it should be on my body but I can live with that.

The velcro closure is showing but that is fine.

Here are a few with the newly constructed paws. There is still some work to be done on the paws but for the time being I wanted to show what the suit is looking like so far.