Created By: Luminary and Frisket from OurMassHysteria

For a long time I have not progressed with my Green Feline character. This was largely due to that fact I did not have a head for him. Over time I put this project on hold. Then at MidWest FurFest 2011, I was wondering the dealers room looking at all the wonderful things and I saw a table with some amazing furry releated pieces on it. I talked to the people at the OurMassHysteria booth and told them I was looking at continuing my progress of my Green Feline but I need to have a head made. As I was talking with them they told me that they could contruct the head for me, all I needed to do was contact them after the convention with my thoughts and ideas and we could continue from there.

After I contacted OurMassHysteria and talked to them about what I was looking for, a design sketch was sent to me. I liked the panther / cougar look. I recolored it and place the drawing onto a photo I had of me in the incompleted fursuit. Wow being in a box for so long this suit needs to be brushed badly!
I think it will work well. After a few more details were discussed of what I was wanting they told me construction on my head would begin. I had the fur used on my fursuit so I sent OurMassHysteria the fabric so it would match.

This is the first update of the feline head. It is still being roughed out but so far I am happy with how it is starting to turn out. I can only imagine in my head what further progression will look like.

The next update I was sent shows more of the progression of the shape of the head, mouth lining, eye lids, viewing screens, teeth, tongue and the start of latex layering of the nose. There is a lot more work to be done but so far I am really impressed with the look of my feline head. Cannot wait until the next update to see how much more it progresses.

With this update you can really see the head taking shape now. The head has been wrapped with a special tape so a pattern can be made. As you can see the pattern notes are drawn onto the tape and will then carefully be removed. The ears are look a little off but that is just from the angle of the photos.

This update was really cool for me to see. The fabric has been cut out and mostly sewn together. The images are from a short video made showing how the sewn fabric will go onto my foam feline head. It was really neat to see this process. The fabric is just sitting on the foam head not yet attached, that is coming.
I am really digging how my feline head is turning out. The Tuft of hair is cute as well. I am a happy cat!

Yeah! My green feline head arrived! I am more that happy with the result on it.

Features Of The Head:
- Movable Jaw
- Light-up Eyes

Now that I have my Green Feline Head I need to suit up and see what it looks like. I am very happy with the overall look of the character as a whole. Now to really make it my character may add some feline decoration to the whole ensemble. Then maybe my fursona will really pop out and I will know who this character really is.

Thank you to OurMassHysteria for your wonderful work!