This is a project several years in the making. I decided to try my hand at sewing up a simple fursuit. I looked around at various fabric and sewing stores for a pattern, I could not find one. With the help from a friend, we made a pattern by using a child-size pattern. We basically enlarged the pattern to fit an adult. So lets see how this turns out.

* CONCEPT * This is what I am shooting for when this character is completed.

This is the bodysuit, hand paws and foot paws with a head design by OurMassHysteria.

I wanted to go feline with this character. At the time not really knowing how to sew and stuff I bought some thin low cut green faux furs. I did not want long fluffy fur since most felines and large cats are mostly short haired.

Below you can click on each section so see what was done to get things made.


Suit Hand Paws Foot Paws Head

So let me introduce to you KRUTCH.

The name of "KRUTCH" came about like this:
When I first started coming up with this feline character I just broke my leg and I was on crutches. After I healed I made the bodysuit with the help of a friend and then I messed up my knee and was on crutches again. Later during the paw construction I was really getting back into this character and I shattered my left ankle and again I was on crutches. It seems that just about every step along the way in creating this character something happened to where I was on crutches. I am just happy that when OurMassHysteria was making my head nothing happened where I ended up on crutches. So with all that has happened while creating this character I think the name of "KRUTCH" is suitable.

This is a collection of quick pictures taken of KRUTCH when I first got him all assembled. He is a plain green Panther. Originally I was going to add some body decorations to him like spots or stripes but after I wore KRUTCH at a small furry get together just to get some reaction to this character I was told by a fellow fur that he is just adorable and "NOT" to change a thing on him.

The orange harness is something KRUTCH will wear along with his orange collar with a tag that has KRUTCH's name on it. The harness and collar was made by Indy5Brad.

Furry Conventions with BINKS Wolf:
Furry Connection North 2012
AnthroCon 2012
IndyFurCon 2012
MidWest FurDest 2012