Otis B. Driftwood - The Devil's Rejects

Otis B. Driftwood was born December 23, 1929 not given a name. He was unwanted by his psychotic father and mother and was brutally abused as a young child.

Otis began a period of roaming, traveling over the country from Wilmington, Delaware to Hurst, Texas. Driftwood had then met Cutter a.k.a. Captain Spaulding. Otis was soon living with Cutter and his family, whom he had nicknamed The Fireflys. This family consisted of Cutter's wife who Otis called Mother, two sons and his daughter, Vera-Ellen, who Otis had an immediate bond with and nicknamed Angel Baby.

The two roamed the states, murdering those that came in their path. Over the summer of 1975 Otis continued to roam the county along and began is now famous summer of the Son of Satan murders. Later, in the winter of 1976, Baby returned to Rugsville alone and resumed her life on the Firefly farm while Otis wandered for a period of time. He traveled over the country stealing and selling cars to survive, but eventually returned to Rugsville with the hopes of attaining a job he once had working for Tommy Trucks.

Otis is by far the most sadistic and deranged member of the Firefly family. He often considers himself to be a revolutionary and an artist. He makes sculptures out of his victims, or skins them to wear as costumes.

A lot of changes occurred for Otis in the second film, The Devil's Rejects. In the first film Otis was an albino. In the sequel, Otis was more or less normal in terms of skin color. Because of this, some fans have speculated that Otis merely looked the way he did in the first film because he was dressing up for Halloween. By the second film, he had become far less over-the-top, but was also more depraved and sadistic. At one point he tells a victim that he is the Devil, "and is here to do the Devil's work." He often rapes his victims, something that was only implied in the first film. In one particularly brutal scene, he skins the face of a man and then forces the man's wife to wear it as a mask.

At the end of the film, Otis is shot down by the police along with Baby and Captain Spaulding.

Otis B. Driftwood is modeled after serial killer Charles Manson and named after Groucho Marx's character Otis B. Driftwood in A Night at the Opera.

Being a fan of Horor Films I really connected with the characters in "The Devil's Rejects". I felt that the characters have grown from the first film "House of 1000 Corpses". When the movie came out my two friends Erica and Terence fell in love with this movie. It had a connection with the three of us that we could place into our own lives. Terence the loud mouth who will tell people how it is, Erica the pretty and flirty type, and myself who has had some tough times and practices art. Just like the characters in the film the three of us share that bond that paralles reality. It we were evil people the characters in this movie would be us. But we are not evil, we are good people.

Bill Moseley plays Otis in the movies. He is an actor that I would someday like to meet. I have met Sid Haig and Ken Forey. I have not met all three of these guys.

Anyways, since the three of us had this connection to the movie as a last minute (3-days) until Wizard World 2005 in Chicago we decided to dress up as the Devil's Rejects one day. Terence as Captain Spaulding, Erica as Baby, and myself as Otis.

Me as Otis.