Spider-Man (Symbiote Alien) - The Secret Wars

RETIRED - This is no longer in my collection.

Spider-Man found himself on a satellite in a galaxy far from Earth by a near-omnipotent being called the Beyonder. The Beyonder wanted heroes and villains to fight a war on a planet called Battleworld. Spider-Man fought many battles and his costume was left in tatters then he found a machine that could replace ruined clothing. Spider-Man triggered the clothing machine and a round black object sprang from it. It immediately started to spread up Spidey's body, and didn't stop until it covered his entire body. After defeating the villains and escaping the Beyonder, Spidey returned to Earth, and Spider-Man took his alien costume with him.

As soon as a symbiote secret was revealed about the suit, it attempted to permanently graft itself to Spider-Man's body. Spider-Man did all he could to escape from the costume, but the symbiote tightened its grip on him, almost crushing Spidey in the process. Luckily, Reed Richards (Fantastic Four) had discovered that the symbiote was vulnerable to certain sound frequencies. Using theses sound waves, Richards managed to seperate Spidey from the costume. At last our hero was free and the alien was imprisoned. Spider-Man went back to his old look. The Black Cat, however, thought the black costume was sexier so she made a cloth version of it as a gift for Spidey. He used both costumes for many months and didn't get rid of his black one until Venom entered his life.

The black symbiotic suit that Spider-Man had for a short while is just really sleek and cool.
Being a Spider-Man fan I just had to have this costume since I have the regular comic version
of the Spider-Man costume. Thank you to Jing for sewing this costume for me.
Without further ado here I am in the black symbiote SpiderMan costume.

AHHHH!!! What is happening to me!?!

It's attached to my skin, this new suit! Here I come evil doer's.

Wow! Spidey-senses strong.

What's next... Venom?