Black Mask - DC Comics

RETIRED - This is no longer in my collection.

Roman Sionis inherited his parents' multi-million-dollar business, Janus Cosmetics, after they died in a mysterious fire. Roman was obsessed with masks and, with his newfound fortune, quickly amassed a vast collection. After leading the company into financial disaster, Roman was forced to resign. Janus Cosmetics was then taken over by Wayne Enterprises. Left with nothing but a thirst for revenge, Roman carved a mask from his father's ebony coffin lid and took the name Black Mask. He organized the murders of several Wayne employees before being caught by Batman. Caught in the Sionis home between Batman and a raging fire, Black Mask was horribly burned, his ebony mask seared on to his face.

Thought to have been killed by Catwoman, Black Mask re-surfaced in late 2004 during the 'War Games' crossover. He tortured Stephanie Brown ( Spoiler / Robin IV ) to her death, and went on to claim Gotham City as his own. Black Mask is currently the single most powerful crime lord in Gotham.

This is the mask that I am using for the Black Mask costume. I took a living mask which is made out of a latex foam which forms to your face when worn. Originally the mask was a tan color and with some floral spray paint I painted the mask black. I then hightlited around the mouth and eyes with some black acrylic paint.