BINKS Wolf Fur Suit - Before Air Brushing

This is my new BINKS Wolf bodysuit and large tail fabricated by OurMassHysteria.


To get to this process I first had to send in a duct tape mannequin of myself. That was a fun process with the help of some of my trusted furry friends.

Unfortunately the original faux fur used on BINKS' paws and head is no longer being manufactured. After searching I found the same type of faux fur materail but in a lighter color. I bought it to use for BINKS Wolf.

I will be using my artistic skills and air brush in some color to blend in the paws and neck area to make the suit look uniform.

So lets take a look at the suit and tail. As you can see it was fabricated to fit my body, hench the use for the duct take dummy. I have lost a little weight since the duct tape dummy was made but that is ok. Just means I will have a little more freedom of movement in the suit.

Now to go air brush in the color.