Partial BINKS Wolf Fur Suit

This is my new partial fur suit of a Wolf that I bought in August 2011. Midori fabricated it and it is a most wonderful partial, it was beyond my expectations. The head has moving jaw and the follow me eye effect. Eventually I would like to get the body made. The tail is a different material than the rest of this partial but I am fine with that, it gives it character.

So what is the Fursona of this wolf that I will become? I do know that this wolf will be a branch of me. Quiet, cool, calm, friendly, aloof, likes to have fun. One of my friends saw him and he said the wolf looks alike me from the eyes to the hair on top of the head. She suggested I even pierce the ears and give this wolf ear-rings as I do. As many of my friends know I am a Star Wars fan and several people call me by my nickname, BINKS. So I would like to introduce to you...

Standard BINKS Wolf in his everyday attire.

BINKS Wolf likes to ride his 2006 Kawasaki ZZR.

BINKS Wolf in a Space Suit. This is just a generic halloween space suit that I had and decided to dress up in.

After a few outings with BINKS Wolf I have decided to progress his look. I decided to make some arm sleeves for him.

On my Photobucket Page I have a small gallery of BINKS Wolf wearing Black Stormtrooper Armor.

Furry Conventions with BINKS Wolf:
MidWest FurFest 2011