Partial BINKS Wolf Fur Suit - Arm Sleeves

After only a few outings with BINKS Wolf I decided to progress him a little more. I have decided to try my hand at making some arm sleeves for BINKS Wolf.

I first learned that the original faux fur used on my partial BINKS Wolf is no longer being produced (that is why the tail was made in a different faux fur). So I looked around and finally found some grey mongolian faux fur that was lighter in color but the closest to the original color I could find. I took some measurements and started to mark my fabric. At the top of the sleeves I sewn in some elastic to help grasp and hold the top of the sleeves onto my arms.

After I had sewn up my arm sleeves I tested them to see how they fit. The sleeves I have sewn go up to my biceps. I made them a little longer than what most people do by only going above the elbow. I wanted my arm sleeves to hide any skin that might show when wearing a short sleeve shirt. As you can see they tuck up into a short sleeve t-shirt with ease. The elastic I sewn in seems to hold the arm sleeves up pretty well. Now to do something with that drastic color difference.

Here arm the arm sleeves on the ground with my hand paws. It is kind of hard to make out in the pictures but at the wrists of my arm sleeves I air-brushed in some black color and lightly blended it up to the elbows with a soft fade.

This way it hides that drastic contrast of the hand paws and arm sleeves. I like the darker grey hand paws and the lighter grey on the fingers that somewhat matches the arm sleeves. I think it will give BINKS Wolf a unique look.

I was doing some test runs around the house to see how the arm sleeves held up. I pretty much like them but I did not make the elastic tight enough. It is tight to hold but the arm sleeves do slip a few inches and I do not like that. I want them to stay up and not move. So I took a black long sleeve lycra shirt and added two snaps to the shoulders and the other halves of the snaps to the arm sleeves. This way the arms will stay in place and not slide down at all. After another test run around the house (about an hour) the arms stayed in placed and I was happy with the result. I can unsnap the arm sleeves from the lycra shirt so I can wash it.

OK here is what it looks like with a regular size large t-shirt. The t-shirt is tight around the arms due to the extra furry mass on my arms. I will have to get a larger size t-shirt to compensate for this bulky look. BINKS Wolf likes loose shirts. Maybe a button up type shirt would look good on BINKS Wolf. I will have to play with the style a bit to figure out a look for BINKS Wolf while wearing a short sleeve shirt.

Otherwise I think I am happy with my arm sleeves for BINKS Wolf.
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