After Indy FurCon 2011, Indiana Furries wanted to keep it going. You cannot have just one big gathering of Indiana Furries once a year and not keep in touch. So a Whoozfur Cookout was planned. This cookout is not only for those interested in the furry fandom to get together and hang out but to have some fun and to make some new friends.



I arrived to the Whoozfur Cookout a little early and helped set up. The people / furries started to come. All of us hung out, talked, greeted each other, and made some new friends and more. I will admit at first I pretty much sat there with one or two people I just met and talked but as people started mingling I opened up and met some new people and made some new friends.



Have you ever seen a bunch of furries try to start a charcoal fire in windy conditions? It is kind of funny but all and all the fire was started.




So as the food was being cooked everyone was going about his or her business and what not. There was a Twizzlers whipping which was fun to watch but I will never look at Twizzlers the same again.




After everyone pretty much ate more hanging out and making friends was done. Some of us suited up though some came from their vehicles already suited up. There were I think eight of us who suited up. Anyways there was some goofing off, bubbles, a battery operated insect killer that looked like a tennis racket, music, models, games, more goofing off, some play time on the playground, some science with liquid nitrogen that made some yummy ice-cream (amongst other scientific goofing off) and the occasional look of bystanders and children looking at a bunch of fun loving furries.





Overall the weather pretty much stayed decent but near the end it did start to rain and everyone suited down because rain and furries do not mix. I left as it started to rain but I know there were others who stayed to hang out and listen to the music and dance maybe even rave.




I had a great time. I need to get out more and open up and I feel that being with furries I will do that. I cannot wait until the next Whoozfur meet up.


If anyone has any pictures of me in my BINKS Wolf fursona would you please send them to me? I would like to post them here on my page. If you would like any copies of the pictures I took (full size) please let me know and I will get them to you.

Until the next time, have fun and keep being furry.