Tiger Face

Face painting is applying a design to the face using brushes and paints suitable for use on the skin. Face painting is common at festivals and parties where the designs may be very simple such as a butterfly shape on the cheek to something complex such as a fully painted face with detailed spots and many shades of color.

So why am I telling you this? A friend of mine asked me if I was willing to help his daughter out on a project for her church group. Her assignment was to paint and by paint I mean somebody’s face. I agreed to allow his daughter to paint my face up.

When I got to their home she already had all kinds of paint out and books with many animal pictures. She looked at me and told me that I was going to be a tiger. I said ok since this is her project and I allowed her to do what she needed to do to get her assignment completed.

I sat on the kitchen floor and she began painting my face. The paint was cold and it tickled as she started. She was not hesitant at all as she got right into painting my face. About an hour later she was finished and I have to say for a 9-year old girl she did a great job. She took some pictures so she could show her church group (I was glad I did not have to do this at the church). Her dad later sent me a few small images of the pictures and one he even put cat looking eyes on my eyes by his daughters request.

So I have to say this was a fun day being painted up but what really surprised me was that she told me that one-day she is going to do makeup for people in the movies. If she keeps being the girl she is I have no doubt that one-day she will be painting up people and applying makeup for the movies.

Thank you Brent and Brea I had a good time.