The Types of People and Behaviors that I dislike.

As you know there are a wide variety of people in this world that makes it unique. For all of that variety that is out there I will confess that I do not like certain types of people or behavior. Remember these are just my opinion. I know that you may or may not agree with what I am about to express.

pedophile: an adult who is sexually attracted to children.
Ok I know that there are all sorts of kinks within the sexual realm but Fuck! You are talking about sexual activity with children. This is extremely wrong from my point of view. You are an adult. Why do you need children to fuel your sexual desires? It is sick and wrong. Get a life and find someone your own age to sexually satisfy you.bestiality (zooerasty): sexual activity between a person and an animal.
Sex with an animal, what are you thinking? This is sick. Sexual activity should be between two human adults not a human and an animal. Why oh why would someone think it is all right to take advantage of an animal in this situation? I will tell you why it is because they are a sick and twisted person who takes pleasure in committing a crime against nature. Please stop… find a human, please.rapist: one who forces sexual activity onto another person against their will.
Are you so sexually deprived that you have to force yourself onto someone else against his or her will? If they say “NO” then that means NO! I do not get this type of behavior. It is morally wrong and disgusting. If you can’t find someone to like you then you are not trying hard enough. Get out and mingle with the people and find that someone who will have sex with you. Don’t force sexual acts onto someone. If you need to get off that badly then just use your hand or get a prostitute. Why force someone to have sex with you when you can just jerk yourself off and not go to jail? Maybe you are just so manly that you cannot see the harm that you are causing.overbearing (arrogant): one who has a feeling or assumption of one's superiority toward others.
Come on now. You are not better than anyone else. You are just like everyone else so get down from your pedestal and take a look around. Most people hate you from the way you act and treat others. These types of people think so highly of themselves that they often forget what is really important. You just want to smack them against their big fat heads to knock some sense into them. Do not forget what is important in life. It is not your ego.

hate-mongers: These are the people who dislike or hate other people or things with a passion be it from color, race, creed, religion, sexual preference, whatever the list goes on. I strongly believe that people are welcome to their own opinion but please for the sake of being a human being do not force your beliefs on others. Sure express your opinion but do it in an intelligent way. Stop all your marches, protests, or whatever the fuck it is that you want to do. So you do not like someone or something for some stupid reason that you have in your close-minded head of yours. Get over it! It is not harming you in any form except for your own stupid bigotry.

Who gives a flying fuck if she is dating a black man, that those two guys are a loving couple, if his or her skin is not the same as yours, that you do not want the Ten Commandments displayed out in public, whatever! At least these people are living a happy, loving, caring life though they have to put up with the likes of people like you. They just deal with it and go on with life. Just because you do not like something does not mean that everyone shares that opinion. There are people out there who like the opposite of you. That is fine. We are all welcome to have our own opinions I am all for that. Just please stop making such big deals out of stupid petty little things. There are more important things in this world to worry about. Think about your children, their future, teach them to love and respect another human being as a person and not as an object. Maybe just maybe if we could all learn to get along and respect each other we could have and live in a utopia. But that all depends on you and what you choose to do.

There are other types of people in this wonderful world of ours that I dislike but do not know what to call these types of people. So I will just make up my own terms.

paranoid pothead : This is a type of person who uses drugs to relax themselves or to feel good and then blame the world for their problems and are very paranoid that everyone is out to get them. I believe in this world of ours making drugs illeagle and enforcement of such a rule will never come to pass. I have no problems if people want to do drugs, that is your choice even though it is against the rules. One day you will ge caught and hopefully you will learn your lesson. Feel free to do drugs just do not do it around me. I cannot be a friend to someone who uses.


negative nancy: one who is lacking positive or constructive features, especially unpleasant, disagreeable, gloomy, pessimistic, detrimental, disparaging, ect.
We all know someone like this. They are the one’s who always have to complain and make any situation worse than it is. Sometimes you just want them to shut the hell up and go away. No matter how you try to explain things to them to make it seem in a better light they will always turn it upside-down and just ruin what could have been a good thing. These people are so unpleasant that when you see them you want to walk in the other direction just to avoid them.


inconsiderate drivers with cell phones: Oh yeah you know who you are. You are the ones who almost cause accidents, do not get out of the way, and more because it is more important for you to talk on your God-Damn cell phone rather than pay attention to your driving. Do the world a favor. Either make your phone calls before you leave your home or pull off and get out of the way. You are a hazard that needs to be stopped. I cannot wait for the USA to make it completely illeagle to talk on a cell phone and drive at the same time.

I will say I have been guilty of driving and talking on a cell phone. At least when I do this act I pay more attention to my driving and not the phone.

Large Verbage Users: These are those people who try to seem educated by always using large words. In reality they are just trying to put on a front to make themselves feel better and bigger that those around them. These type of people are very insecure about themselves and have little self esteem. Using large words all the time to make yourself seem better just makes you, the user look more stupid.