The Lord of the Rings Motion Picture Trilogy – The Exhibition, Indianapolis, IN. 2005

The Lord of the Rings Motion Picture Trilogy – The Exhibition Oct. 6, 2005 - Jan. 3, 2006 The Indiana State Museum has been selected as the final stop on the U.S. tour of The Lord of the Rings Motion Picture Trilogy – The Exhibition. The exhibition which was originally developed and presented in 2002 by the Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa in partnership with New Line Productions, Inc.

The exhibition features hundreds of pieces of memorabilia from the films including original costumes and jewelry, as well as the One Ring itself. Immersed in film props, one can explore the film’s groundbreaking technology such as computer-generated special effects and animatronics, and hear from cast, crew, and director in exclusive “behind-the-scenes” interviews shown on videos throughout the exhibit.

The exhibition is the only U.S. tour stop to display all of the artwork associated with the exhibition. The Lord of the Rings Motion Picture Trilogy – The Exhibition was made possible through the support of the New Zealand Government. The local presenting sponsor for The Lord of the Rings Motion Picture Trilogy - The Exhibition is Biomet, Inc. Additional local support is provided by Brightpoint, Comcast, Courtyard by Marriott Indianapolis Downtown, Hamilton Design, Stage Tech, Exact Target, Polly H. Hix and Tony J. Fair and the Summerville Family. This project also is part of Indianapolis’ 2005 Cultural Convergence.

With all of that said I have to say I loved being able to take a close up look at many of the items from the Lord of the Rings films. You do not get to appreciate all that goes into making a film like this with so much intricate detail that is put into each and every item seen on the big screen. Being able to see the entire Sauron armor to Gandalf the Grey robes to the ONE ring was a real treat to see in person. There was even some humor as well. The Cave Troll maquette used for digital reference that was on display has genitals. So yes the Cave Troll is male. The most eerie part of the whole exhibit was not the Ringwraith but to see the body of Boromir (Sean Bean) lying in the boat. The lifelike quality was unreal. I actually felt as if Boromir was really lying there slain by Lurtz the Urk Hai. There was so much to see and take in with this exhibit. The only part that I did not enjoy was the ONE rule: NO PICTURES!

Other than that if you have the opportunity to go out and partake in this exhibit I would do so. This exhibit is a limited engagement and one not to be missed.

I did get to take one picture from inside the exhibit before I was asked to put the camera away. It is the head of Treebeard. Enjoy!