2006 Kawasaki ZZR
The ZZR600 provides a superb combination of back road prowess, sport-touring comfort and the agility of a great
daily commuter and like any bike descended from the race-winning Ninja® sport bike line, it looks good doing it.

Model: Kawasaki ZZR 600

Year: 2006

Category: Sport

I decided it was time. I studied the BMV handbook for motorcycles and I went to take my learners permit test. You can miss up to four questions and still pass, I missed two. The lady at the BMV asked me if this was the first time I took the test, I told her yes. She said I should be proud for passing the test on my very first try. She said that many people take the test three or four times before they pass it. I told her I studied the handbook and the questions on the test were taken directly from the text. Anyone who read the handbook should not have any problem passing the learners permit test.

I finally bought my motorcycle. Many have asked me why in the world did I buy a motorcycle. Is it because I am a lone wolf? Is it because it looks cool? Or is it because I have some sort of death wish? Maybe all three and of course more. I like the wind in my face, I like the outdoors. I have always liked motorcycles and in this time of my life I feel it was the time to cowboy up and buy myself a motorcycle. There is a feeling of freedom on a motorcycle that you cannot get from a car, even a convertable.

I have thought long and hard about purchasing a motorcycle and I did lots of research. Originally I was going to for a 400 or 500 series. But as I researched and talked to other motorcycle riders I learned that I should go for a 600 series. As of right now I know that was a wise decision. Not only is there the power that is needed, but it is a good size vehicle for somelike me. Anyways I purchased my 2006 Kawasaki ZZR from a local shop. Since I am green (a newbie) at motorcycles they delivered my bike to me at the house at no charge and they threw in a helmet for free. Since the purchase of my motorcycle when I have time I have been slowly learning my bike.

In the Summer of 2008 I am going to take a ABATE course and eventually other rider classes. There is no harm in a little more education for riding. I want to be skilled so I do not kill myself on the road.

Riding a motorcycle you have to have the mindset that everyone is out there to kill you! You have to be extra aware of all of your surroundings and be able to deal with them as they are presented, which is always. You also have to realize no matter how long you have rode you are always learning and improving your riding skills, it is a never ending progress.

SEPTEMBER 26-28, 2008
This weekend I took the ABATE BRC (Basic Rider Course) Course. Not only do you learn about motorcycles but you learn what to wear, how to start and stop your motorcycle, motorcycle controls to street strategies to avoid trouble and stay safe, how to maneuver your motorcycle: swerving, avoiding collisions, special situations, lane changes, passing, and avoiding hazards. This is just a short list of things you will cover, there is much more.
I feel this course should be taken by everyone, even experienced riders. A little education never hurt anyone.

So how did I do in this course? I did rather well. I am happy to say that I passed both the riding and written part of this course with high marks. For the riding part you can get up to 20 points marked against you, I only had three and for the written exam I missed two questions. Now I can go get my endorsement on my license and start to practice the skills I learned from this course on my motorcycle so I can become more proficient at riding my bike. The knowledge you learn from this course is not only helpful but you walk away just a little bit better than when you first started. This course is a great way to start you ground foundation so you can build upon it.

With and since the purchase of my motorcycle I have bought some safety and riding gear. I feel that all riders should protect themselves.

First and foremost the most important item is my helmet. I believe that all riders should wear a helmet even if they do not. You just have to protect your head, it is a matter of life and death!

My helmet is a 2007 model from HJC. I wanted something that matched the colors of my motorcycle. So I decided on this really cool design.

My custom made two piece leather street / sport riding suit.

I opted for a two piece suit since I mainly wanted an armored riding jacket. The reason was I could get the two piece suit for around the same price of just a jacket alone.

This particular street / sport suit is made a bit larger to fit over your street clothes: jeans, shirt, ect.

Plus with the pants I can zip them together for a complete riding suit. You have to protect your body. Remember the ground is not foregiving and the only thing protecting you is your gear.

When I got my two piece suit I thought that the legs were way to long. They measured about 5-6 inches longer than any pants I own. So I had to ask what the heck was going on? What worried me was not just the pants were way too long, the knee guards were just below my knees. There was no way I thought I could wear the pants to this suit.

After I talked to a few riders they told me that some of these two piece street / sport suits are long on the legs. If they were regular length you would not have enough room to swing you legs over the motorcycle when getting on or off of it while wearing your street clothes underneath. As you are sitting on the motorcycle the extra length pulls up (so do your pants) and the knee protectors actually move into place on top of you knees. A few riders I talked to say they do not like this type of suit that they prefer a one piece tighter fitting suit. For my purposes it works for me. I am not a racer, I just want some extra protection.

So yes it is a little ackward when you are standing around but once you are on the motorcycle you can appreciate the extra leg length. I would prefer a tighter fitting suit but for what this suit is you cannot go wrong.

Anyways I like my two piece street / sport suit.

The Suit Zipped together and here I am wearing just the Jacket and just the Pants.

The Jacket

The Pants - Knee Sliders velcro on. I took them off.

Hein Gericke one piece full motorcycle suit. I opted to get a second riding suit, this time a one piece suit. This will be used for those cooler days or just longer rides.

I like the reflective spots on the suit. A nice safety feature.

This suit is a tighter fit than my two piece suit. So the suit is snug but very comfortable.


My one piece riding suit.

Set Up Sunrise H2O Street Touring Motorcycle Boots. I purchased this set of boots to use for my regular everyday riding. You do not want to wear any type of shoe or boot with laces they can get caught up in the gears and rip your foot off or something drastic. Plus you want protection for your feet. A good pair of riding boots are the second most important piece of safety gear in my opinion. Without proper protection you ankle or foot can be snapped very easily if something goes wrong.

If you were going to purchase this boot I would recomend going a half to a full size larger. These boots fit nice and tight. It is actually hard to zip up the side zipper. I guess it will zip easier as I break the boots in.

Gaerne (Dual Sport) Explorer Boots.

These will mainly be worn if I go on longer rides and there are stops along the way.

Plus they were on sale and for the price I could not pass them up.




Here I am modeling my two piece suit in the garage.

Here I am posing on my bike in the garage.

A few shots that I liked while we were taking pictures in the garage.

Here I am modeling my one piece suit in the garage.

Here I am posing on my bike in the garage after I just came back from a ride.