Furry Fandom, Furdom, Furry and Me.

First off I guess I should explain what Furry Fandom, Furdom, or a Furry is.
In a nutshell a Furry is an adjective referring to something covered in fur. Furry fandom is a subculture that originated from science fiction and fantasy. Members of the furry fandom, known as furry fans or simply furries, enjoy media that involves anthropomorphic animals: that is, fictional animals with human traits (walking on two feet, talking, wearing clothes, living in houses, etc.). Such media includes popular animated cartoons, comic books, and stories and novels.

How I got into Furdom?
For as long as I can remember I have been an animal lover. I have always like anything pertaining to especially to the big cats (Tiger, Leopard, Jaguar, ect). As a kid I loved the ThunderCats cartoon. I have always wanted to be a ThunderCat since it goes to my liking of the big cats. This also led into He-Man characters, Bugs Bunny Characters, The Teenage Mutant Nina Turtles, and so much more. Then Stan Winston did a series of action figures called “Claws” which are big anthropomorphic cats in fantasy gear. I just had to have them. I thought it would be cool to make one of theses into a costume. I find the big cats to be not only powerful, but also graceful and beautiful to look at. There is a majestic aura to them. So where is this leading to? Oh yeah, how I got into furdom.

Stan Winston's Claws

In 2011 I pretty much had a mid life crisis and breakdown at the age of 33. I have been been doing so much for others and not taking anytime for myself. I have started a new. I decided that I am going to get into the furry scene a lot more and have some fun to enjoy myself. I retired my old fursuit for I felt it was out of date and started over with a new fursona. Though I have a love for the big cats I made the decision to go wolf another of my love of animals. I am now BINKS Wolf. Look for him to appear at various conventions on the con circuit.

It is funny. When I do the online furry surveys that are for fun I always end up with a dog or wolf.


My first introduction to the real-world furry scene was from watching a show on television about a guy who liked to dress up in animal costumes and that whole lifestyle of furdom. After I watched the show I realized that there are other people out there like myself who have this fascination of anthropomorphic creatures. I was amazed. Growing up, most Halloweens I have dressed up as some sort of animal. So I guess I have always been a furry without even realizing it.

Now that I am all grown up, dressing up and costuming is something that I still do but not at Halloween. Halloween is the one time of year that I can just be myself and not hide behind a mask or outfit. I enjoy being able to dress up and become something else even if for a little while. There is a sense of freedom that comes with dressing up and costuming.

As a fan of furry. I respect that there is an opportunity for people to gather and dress up in animal costumes to forget the real world for a short time.

My first real furry / mascot suit (now retired) is of a Jaguar my favorite of the big cats. Most furries have some sort of artwork or story to go along with their furry persona. My Jaguar suit or should I say my character does have a name, Jaga. Jaga has many different personalities. I have a page dedicated just for Jaga.

I have meet a few people who are also into the furry scene. One day I would like to meet them in person at a ConFURence. If you are going to a ConFURence and want someone to tag along please let me know. I would love to go with you and make new friends as well to have some furry fun (not in the sexual way)!

As a fan of furry I enjoy the artwork of Susan Van Camp. I have a piece of her artwork of a White Tiger titled “Tigrean.” When I saw this piece I fell in love with the character. There is just something about the way he looks at me that is intriguing. He is telling me to follow him. One day I would love to make this character into a costume.

That is about it on what I have to share on Furry Fandom, Furdom, Furry.