Freedom of Speech and Expression or Mentally Scared

The First Amendment to the United States Constitution and by many state constitutions and state and federal laws protects freedom of speech in the United States. Criticism of the government and advocation of unpopular ideas that people may find distasteful or against public policy, such as racism, are generally permitted. There are exceptions to the general protection of speech, however, including the Miller test for obscenity, child pornography laws, and regulation of commercial speech such as advertising. Other limitations on free speech often balance rights to free speech and other rights, such as property rights for authors and inventors (copyright), interests in fair political campaigns (Campaign finance laws), protection from imminent or potential violence against particular persons (restrictions on Hate speech or fighting words), or the use of untruths to harm others (slander). Distinctions are also often made between speech and other acts, such as flag desecration, which may have symbolic significance.

Freedom of Speech on the Internet
In a rare 9-0 decision, the Supreme Court extended the full protection of the First Amendment to the Internet in Reno v. ACLU, a decision that struck down portions of the 1996 Communications Decency Act, a law intended to outlaw so-called "indecent" online communication (that is, non-obscene material protected by the First Amendment.) The court's decision identified the Internet as a "free speech zone," and extended the same Constitutional protections given to books, magazines, films, and spoken expression to materials published on the Internet.

With that being said I am now expressing my right as a US Citizen to freely express myself and to be heard. I was the script supervisor for a 35mm film titled “Mental Scars.” You can read what I wrote about my personal experience on this film project right here on my personal website.

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You may be asking yourself why would I be talking about the First Amendment and my experience with a film project titled “Mental Scars?” I will tell you why.

On October 14, 2008 just a little after 11:40pm I was rudely awaken and contacted by the two main people in charge of this project, Richard Myles and Mischa Perez. Now these two people time and time again have reminded all that are around them on the “Mental Scars” project how professional they are or trying to be and how they are Federal Officers. In my opinion calling someone up, me past 11:30pm at night, on a business (work) night is not being very professional. Not only did they wake me up from my sleep with their phone call but in my opinion they could have waited until the next morning to inform me that they are not happy with what I have up on my personal website. They told me, no I am sorry demanded on the phone that I remove what I had put up on my website that same night. I complied as soon as we were off the phone and I wrote the two of them an e-mail letting them know I complied with their demand with no reply in return. The only reason I gave into their demands was because I felt verbally threatened for my well being as they spoke to me in what I would consider a very threatening tone of voice and once again Richard Myles reminded me that they were Federal Officers.

I talked to a few people about this and they all have told me the same thing, put it back up there, it is truthful what I have wrote and someone cannot tell me how I choose to express myself, it is only what I experienced. I have the right as a US Citizen to freely express myself the way I choose and as these two are Federal Officers as they always remind everyone that is around them they should have known this. Maybe they do maybe they do not, I do not know for sure, I am not one to say.

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When I got the phone call that late night the tone in the way I was spoken to was stern and harsh, I felt very threatened. Richard Myles and Mischa Perez did not talk as adults with concerns as they should have, insead they spoke and yelled very harshly to me. Even now I feel that I am mentally scared by their verbally threatening phone call. In my opinion I feel that for them to remind people they are Federal Officers is an easy way for them to intimidate those around them. I have ask a friend of the family who is a Federal Officer among another and I asked them about this phone call and what is going on and how I feel. They said for these two people to tell other people they are Federal Officers is one thing and not of concern. Then I was asked for what department they work for. I told him I am under the impression that they are security guards at an airport. He then replied and said that these two have no authority outside the airport for that is their jurisdiction unless it is of national security. An officer is never really off duty when it comes to the wellfare of our country, but if they are using their job as an excuse to others and reminding them that they are Federal Officers depending on the context being used could be considered a violation of their authority.

I do not know what is appropriate or not when they tell people they are Federal Officers. I do know that I felt threatened verbally and mentally by both Richard Myles and Mischa Perez constantly reminding those around them that they are Federal Officers especially when they come up from behind of you and lay their hands around your shoulders and lean in and tell you they are Fedral Officers. One of my own experiences is that they locked their arms with mine and lead me and once again remind me that they are Federal Officers. That is an invasion of my personal space and in my opinon a threat. I feel that they are perhaps playing mind games with people perhaps trying to intimate them, but not me. I do not know the motives of why they did or do what they do, I am not a mind reader and I can only speculate. I do know for ceratin with my personal experiances in these matters with them it was very unprofessional. I just find it perplexing that they would constantly remind or tell those around them that they are Federal Officers.

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I am very grateful to have been part of the “Mental Scars” project. I had a wonderful learning experience and education that will make me a stronger person for my next project(s). But when I am told or in this case demanded that I cannot express myself in a tone and manner that is threatening to my wellbeing I will not stand for it. I do not care who you are this is America and as a US Citizen I have the RIGHT to my Freedom of Speech and Expression as protected by the First Amendment to the United States Constitution. You cannot tell me I cannot do this or that because it may hurt your feelings. I only posted my truthful experiences on the "Mental Scars" project. Instead of getting upsetup and yelling at others, maybe one should talk to the person and learn from this to make the next project more positive. In my experiences and opinion people should take the time to listen, to help those around you, and solve any problems that may arise. That is just my opinion and not that of others, everyone lives their own lives the way they do.

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Am I sorry that people cannot respect the freedoms set forth by this great country? No. I do feel sorry that both Richard Myles and Mischa Perez cannot handle a little critism and truth from one who has helped them out so greatly on the project of "Mental Scars?" No.
This only means in my opinion that they do not want to hear their shortcomings so they can learn from it and make the next project that much better for all. I support the project of "Mental Scars" and hope it will go far. I just do not like being forced or demanded to do something when it is going against my rights and wellbeing as an American Citizen.

The only fault that I could see on my part is that I had a few pictures that I took during the project of "Menatl Scars" and I posted them on my photobucket, many of them the same pictures that are on the Mental Scars website. I did remove them all and I leave it to the official Mental Scars website to post imagery since I was asked that they be remove to help keep the tone and flavor of the "Mental Scars" project a little secret. The only pictures I have posted with the permission from Richard Myles and Mischa Perex are of me with various cast and crew and my clipboard thar signed by various cast and crew. None of the pictures posted are anything that show moments from the "Mental Scars" movie.

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When I did have a chance and talk with both Richard Myles and Mischa Perez I confronted them and asked them if they wanted me to comply with thier demands and take down all that I have posted and deny my rights as an American to my rights to Freedom of Speech and Expression. They could not give me a straight answer but instead said I should do the right thing. That I did, I spoke or in this case posted the truthful experiences I had on the project of "Mental Scars".

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Update January 2009

As of Januaary 23, 2009 the Mental Scars Official Trailer has been released and I think it looks very good. I contacted both Richard Myles and Mischa Perez by e-mail whom only Richard Myles replied to my e-mail also stating in it Mischa Perez's thoughts. I do not know how Richard Myles knows how Mischa Perez feels or how Richard Myles knows Mischa Perez thinks unless he is a mind reader but I will let that slide for the moment.

Now I have e-mailed both Richard Myles and Mischa Perez many times since I posted my original blog and that is when they got upset at me for sharing my truthful experiences of the project of "Mental Scars" to the world. I never received any replies to any of those e-mails I had sent. So in the latest e-mail I replied to is of an e-mail that Richard Myles sent (I received on January 23, 2009) telling of the official trailer being posted on youtube. When I replied to the e-mail I put in it to the both of them: I have not heard back from the various e-mails I have sent you (Richard Myles) and or Mischa Perez.
In the responded e-mail I sent I congratulated them on the trailer, asked a few question like when the movie will be out on dvd since I cannot wait to see the finished project, when the 12" David Taggart dolls will be ready to ship since I want to purchase one, and offered free exposure for "Mental Scars" amongst others.

This is the reply I got from Richard Myles again stating Mischa Perez's thoughts and or feelings. Once again I do not know how Richard Myles knows Mischa's feelings or thoughts unless he is a mindreader since he never states that it is he and Mischa Perez responding to the e-mail I had sent, he only states I referring to Richard Myles.


I read your email, and we are EXTREMELY busy and do not have time for your games. However, based upon our former experiences with your canards, disrespect, indecorum, improprieties, mendacity, disrespect, and disdainful comments you injudiciously promulgated (to the world) on your "website" regarding our film and/or experiences, we urge you to cease contacting us from hereon and hereafter. I do not need to elaborate in detail my rational and/or justification for how Mischa and I feel about your indecorous behavior because you made it abundantly clear what your hidden agendas were and/or continue to be!

Mischa and I are replete with strong resources to pave the path for Mental Scars. When the film is out and available to the public for purchase, then you can use your full discretion to buy whatever you deem fit and/or you can opt not to.

However, based upon our former experiences with your indecorum, canards, improprieties, disrespect, deplorable and disdainful comments you falsely and injudiciously promulgated (to the world) on your "website" regarding our film, we would request that you cease contacting us from hereon and hereafter. I do not need to elaborate in detail my rational and/or justification for how Mischa and I feel because you made it abundantly clear what your adgendas were and/or are for that matter!

You can only blame yourself for how you conducted yourself regarding our film. The other cast were very professional and will reap the rewards accordingly. They did not relegate themselves to the shameful behavior you exuded. You can choose to be in denial by displacing, projecting, and/or rationalizing your behavior, but it is salient fact that you play ill games between parties when it is convenient for you, say things that are not true, and serve as a catalyst until you get your fill.

You are to never contact us again under any circumstances and/or reason. We will retain this email for our records!

Rich & Mischa!

All that I can say about this is in my opinion is it just goes to show how both Richard Myles and Mischa Perez in my opinion are small minded people and cannot allow others to share their truthful personal experiences on the set of "Mental Scars". I feel that they feel they are being threatened by someone (me) stating the truth of their own experiences and I will not bow down to their gestapo like tactics to make them feel better and bigger than they really are.

I do not play games or have any hidden agendas as Richard Myles stated in his e-mail. He is speculating my behavior without any proof. I only stated my truthful experience during my time on the project of "Mental Scars" and if he / they cannot accept that then it is their own loss. I would think for someone in their positions they would adhere to what one says or feels about their time on the "Mental Scars" project and learn from it to make their next project that much more of a success. I hold no ill will against Richard Myles or Mischa Perez and I hope the "Mental Scars" project is a success for them. I would like an apology from Richard Myles who is falsely accusing me of mind games and or hidden agendas. When I recevie that appology I will post it here for the world to see. I only posted the factual truth of my very own experiences on the project of "Mental Scars". I wish others would do so as well.

Again in my opinion I feel others are afraid to say anything if fear of making any waves in the pool or perhaps they feel threatened by Richard Myles and or by Mischa Perez since they did remind many on several ocasions that they are Federal Officers. I am a blunt person, I do not dilly dally, sugar coat, or care about other people's feelings with it comes to the truth. As it was once said in a movie "You cannot handle the truth!" well then, you need to grow up and deal with it because the truth hurts.

I look forward to receiving my copy and seeing my name in the credits as Script Supervisor.