What!?! It's not available, costs too much, or never even been thought of!?! That's fine I will create it myself.

As many people know I have a passion to recreate items from television, movies, or just out of my own imagination. Yes, I love to build things. That is why I am a physical visual artist. When I see something that looks really cool I often think how neat that would be to have. Sure lots of cool items can be purchased at a price a price that many cannot afford. Thus leading into my passion of recreating various things. I do not believe that just because something is made that it has to be bought. I feel that if you can recreate it yourself then do that. At the end not only will you have an item that is unique, you have something that you created, that you put your time into and can look just as good at the real thing.

My passion with recreating things started at an early age. In the 1980’s I use to make dioramas, playsets, and more for my action figures. At first they were just simple cardboard boxes that were painted and had holes cut out of them but over time I learned to create more interesting and dynamic things for my toys. I saved all kinds of boxes, foam inserts, anything that I could utilize to make something out of.

As a kid I was a hugh Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles fan (still am till this day). I remember out of various items I recreated a Technodrome view screen computer for Shredder and Krang. It was rather larger. I was very happy with my creation and many of my friends were amazed and somewhat jealous. Over time this piece was lost. I only wish I still had this piece in my collection today. I have to give credit to this one item that really sparked my interest in creating that has stayed with till this day.

Over the years I created many different items for my toys, props for movies that I use to make with my friends when I was a kid, costumes, models, you name it the list goes on. All my life I have been making things that were not available to me. Then in the middle 1990’s I was introduce to customizing Star Wars action figures. Sure I repainted many action figures before but this was different. This customizing of action figures rekindled my interest in making things to a whole new level. I could create new action figures that were not there. This was a new high for me. I started to crank out figure after figure for many years. Many I was commissioned to make for other people. I have sold off more than half of my Star Wars action figure recreations. I still have about 150 or so still in my possession.

In the late 1990’s till present day I still enjoy recreating a various array of items. Star Wars has always been my main drive. It is just something about the Star Wars Universe that took hold of me and never released me. I am a big Sci-Fi junkie so I tend to recreate items that are more Sci-Fi than normal everyday type things.

Only until recently have I been documenting all the things that I recreate. I have made many, many items in the past that I no longer have. Many of the items I created are long gone sold at garage sales, friends, thrown out, or just simply lost. Only now do I wish I would have kept some sort of documentation to show the world that yes I created it, I had that, and if you want I will do it again.

My passion of building things has been with me since I was young and I know it will stay with me until I pass out of this world. That is why I dream that someday I will have a career in building models, props, costumes, sets, ect for film.

Please keep checking out my work. I enjoy sharing my creations with the rest of the world. I hope that my work will inspire you to create something of your very own.