This bastardization of putting Christmas, Hanukah, and Kwanzaa together is not just the greatest marketing concept that I have ever seen it is also a fantastic lesson that needs to be learned.

It’s okay if you’re a Muslim, a Christian or a Jew.
It’s okay if you’re agnostic and you don’t know what to do.
An all-inclusive celebration with no contractual obligation.
Happy Christmahanakwanzika to you!

Whose faith is the right one?
It’s anybody’s guess.
Oh what a joyous day.
Happy Christmahanakwanzika to you.

The bringing of celebration no matter what your race, color, religion, or creed is, is the greatest lesson to be learned. There is too much hate in this world. If everyone could just put their hate aside and just accept your fellow human being as they are there would be a lot less violence in this world. The world needs to open up their eyes on their black and white views and take a step back to see that the world is not black and white but full of color.

We are all in this together. Put down your weapons of hate and bigotry and free your hands so they can reach out and hug someone instead of hurting them.