With the success of the Vibram Five Fingers other shoe companies have taken notice and slowly started to come up with thier own design of the minimalist shoe bandwagon or revolution. First up was the FILA brand with only four toes called Skele-Toes. Many of the people who were fans of the Vibrams did not like the design or feel of the four toes. Good or bad at least FILA made an attempt at the minimalist shoe.

Adidas has taken notice and in November 2011 have released their version of the minimalist shoe. They call it the adiPURE Trainer Shoe that caters more towards training rather than running.

Geared towards natural movement by allowing the foot to move in its natural state, the adiPURE Trainder shoe is said to increase muscle strength and build balance while promoting dexterity.

Here is what the Adida website tells about these shoes.

The adiPURE Trainer shoes by adidas get you low to the ground for an incredible barefoot feel in your workout. Individual toe stalls mimic the foot's natural movement, while the stretchy upper gives you a sock-like fit.

  • Lightweight stretch textile upper for comfortable, sock-like fit and full freedom of movement
  • Highly flexible, separated toe design with minimal outsole for great ground-feel
  • OrthoLite anti-microbial moisture-wicking sockliner
  • Flex grooves beneath the toes help increase flexibility
  • Non-marking rubber outsole
  • Imported

These shoes come in different colors and are priced at $90.00 a pair.
Being a fan of the Vibram Five Fingers (owning several pairs) I decided to purchase a pair of the Adidas adiPURE shoes to see what they are like.

OK I have to say this. Just like the Vibram Five Finger shoes, be ready to have people stop you and ask about your toe shoes. Yes the market in growing for the minimalist shoe but there are people out there who have no idea what toe shoes are about. I for one am not a runner. I wear the toe shoes because they are extremely comfortable and I will say that yes, they do offer some benefits of wearing them.

After my adiPURE shoes came in the mail I opened them up to take a look. The shoes come in a silver shoe box and when you open it up there is a black pull string bag inside that contain the adiPURE shoes. At first look the shoes are very lightweight as a minimal shoe should be. They have that classic Adidas stripe design and I have to say these shoes look nice. The sole of the shoes are thick and seem stiff and look like they would be great for everyday wear. Unlike the Vibram's the adiPURE shoes have a wide heel area as a regular shoe and not narrow as the human heel, so to me these shoes are more like shoes than a minimalist shoe.

Taking a closer look at the shoes the material of the shoes look durable but to my surprise the silver stripes and the gloss black on the toes are not a different material but a rubberized type paint.

After I put these shoes on for the first time I first noticed that they are easy to put on, especially if you are already use to putting on toe shoes. They pull on more like the water shoes that were so popular of yester-year. Without a top strap I wonder if the shoes will stretch and loosen up and become loose on the foot when worn?

The toes sit in each toe pocket and feel very secure, padded and comfortable though to me it feels that the toes are more seperated apart than what the Vibram's are. This might be a concern for some.

The flexabilty of the adiPURE shoes feel more like a regular shoe and not a minimalist type shoe. With the thick and somewhat stiff sole some might not like this feel if they are really wanting that minimalist feel and approach to the shoe.

With the thicker material used to make these shoes you would think that heat would be retained and make your foot sweat. I am not sure if the inside is made like a Vibram's shoe with the anti-bacterial material but from my experience with these shoes so far they do not make your feet sweat. I will say with the thicker material used on these shoes, you could easily wear them in cooler weather. You could wear a pair of toe socks with these shoes. As I tried a pair of my injinji performance micro socks they make for a really snug fit which causes some concern with me in the fear of the shoes splitting at the seams. You could always go a size larger if you really want to wear socks with these shoes. I for one do not believe that you should wear any type of socks with a pair of minimalist toe shoes since these are made to give you that barefoot feeling in a shoe.

With injinji performance micro socks.

These shoes are comfortable. They are eye catching so if you do not like people looking at your feet and asking questions these shoes may not be for you. Myself I have been wearing Vibram minimalist toe shoes for over a year now casually and I like it when people ask me about my shoes. I have educated people on the shoes and even had people come back to me and say they purchased a pair and agree how comfortable minimalist shoes really are.

I believe that Adidas made a remarkable step with these shoes and have successfully entered the minimalist toe shoe market unlike FILA. Though in the long run I feel most people will feel more comfortable and choose Vibram's FiveFinger shoes over the Adidas adiPUREs.