Vibram Five Fingers - The Minimalist Shoe Bandwagon

Have you heard or seen the trend on toe shoes? What is it all about? First off it is called the minimalist shoe bandwagon or revolution. Not the best name but after you accept the minimalist shoe style I think you will see not only the benefits but the comfort as well.

Let me start off saying that do not like feet but I love these shoes. I am NOT a runner but I am one of those people who like to go barefoot when I can and I hate flip flops. I have had knee problems with corrective surgery from cycling and stunt work. I am no longer the active person I use to be but these shoes grabbed my attention when my doctor told me about them and the benefits of using them to help with some of my knee problems as he is an active runner.

It has been proven that walking and running barefoot enhances leg and foot strength, reduced injuries, improved posture and balance and much more (the list is fairly extensive). The hypothesis is that our bodies were designed to be barefoot and to run around on uneven surfaces. But shoes and the flat floors we walk on have weakened our muscles and connective tissues, dulling our reactions and agility.

The Vibram Five Finger shoes are unlike any other shoes you’ve ever worn. Instead of supporting your foot, they simply protect it from sharp things and let your foot move naturally. Most noticeable, they have a small pocket for each toe, like gloves for your feet, to let your toes move individually. It’s as close to being barefoot as you can get without risking your skin to the ground. The thin rubber sole provides just a bit of cushion, enough to take the jarring edge off from walking on concrete, but doesn’t feel that much different from wearing regular shoes.

The first thing you’ll notice besides the look of any Vibram Five Finger shoes are that the FiveFingers are a little harder to put on than normal shoes at first. With a little practice you will get each toe into its individual slot. Once on your feet you will hardly notice them on since they are so lightweight. Sizing is very important, you want the shoes to fit your feet snuggly and not be oversized, so take your time and measure twice or three times before you buy a pair. Also if you can, try them on.

One thing I will have to say is that be sure you are ready for people to stop and ask you about your Vibram Five Fingers. The most often said remark is that they are ugly. That may be true but it is not about looks, but the benefits of wearing such foot wear. The most asked question I get is “are the comfortable?” and I have to say they are very comfortable and feel like I am going barefoot.

If you do not like people looking at your feet and asking questions then I would stay away from them but if you do not mind and want to feel like you are walking barefoot then go out and get a pair or two.

Vibram recommends starting slowly since your muscles and connectors have a lifetime of atrophy to overcome. After the first few times of wearing these shoes I had no problems and wear them most of the time now depending on the weather.

*There are companies out there who want to jump on Vibram success and are creating counterfeit Vibram Five Finger shoes. To learn more about this check out on the official Vibram Five Fingers website.

Other companies have taken notice of the Vibram Five Fingers and are now creating their own style of toe shoes. Fila has Skeletoes that are far from what Vibram Five Fingers has to offer. In the fall of 2011 Adidas came out with the adiPURE's which are really nice.

The Vibram Five Finger shoes come in all sorts of colors but being a simple person I of course went with solid colors instead of the vivid array of colors that are offered.

I own several pairs of Vibram Five Finger shoes and plan on more in the future.

Men's Vibram FiveFingers KSO Trek Shoes black:
A more rugged version of the very popular KSO style shoes. The kangaroo leather upper and sock liner feels soft against the foot, yet is strong and tear resistant, with outstanding breathability. A 4mm EVA midsole offers plating protection from stone bruising, and a lightly cleatted 4mm Vibram performance rubber outsole delivers improved traction on trails and over more rugged terrain.

Vibram FiveFingers KSO TREK IS BEST FOR: Light Trekking, Trail Running, & Travel.

This is my first pair of Vibram Five Fingers that I purchased. I first encountered these shoes in May of 2010. I decided on this style for the plain look and leather material. I wanted something that was not going to draw a lot of attention to my feet. I have worn these shoes all over Indiana, at various conventions to doing my thing around town. I even have worn them all the way down to Florida and back. I can honestly say that at first these shoes took a little getting use to but overall I really enjoy them and I believe you would to. A big plus is the sole of these shoes really lasts and shows little wear so far. I was hooked on these shoes after only wearing them a few times, I knew I was going to buy other styles.

I did modify this pair of shoes. I call them my claw shoes or Talons.

Vibram Five Fingers KSO Trek Vibram Five Fingers KSO Trek

Men's Vibram FiveFingers KSO Shoes black-black:
This style of Vibram Five Fingers Featuring a thin, abrasion-resistant stretch nylon and breathable mesh upper that wraps your entire forefoot to "Keep Stuff Out." A single hook-and-loop closure helps secure the fit. A non-marking 3.5mm Vibram TC1 performance rubber sole is razor-sipped for a sure grip, and a 2mm EVA midsole enhances plating protection and comfort.

Vibram FiveFingers KSO IS BEST FOR: Running, Fitness Training, CrossFit, Light Trekking, Bouldering, Water Sports & Travel.

My second pair of Vibram Five Fingers. I chose this style since I was going on a camping trip and I knew there was going to be water around. I just did not want to wear the typical water shoes. I once again decided on the black color and not one of the more vibrant colors of these shoes. On the camping trip I walked through the woods, did some trail hikes and even went down the river. I had no complaints about this pair of Vibram Five Fingers but I did get lots of questions asked about them and I think some of my camping friends converted and went and bought themselves a pair. I do recomend going one size smaller on this style for it seems with the mesh material it feels looser on the foot.

Vibram Five Fingers KSO Vibram Five Fingers KSO

Men's Vibram FiveFingers Speed Shoes black-white-black:

Unlike any shoe on the market today, the Speed is designed specifically for a more natural walking experience. A more athletic padded collar and top line, a lace closure and Mesh upper for improved ventilation. Built on an entirely new platform, the Speed features a Dri-lex covered 3mm polyurethane insole (thickest under the ball) and a 3 mm anatomical pod outsole design, that offers more plating protection and distributes forefoot impact without compromising important ground feedback, essential to a proper forefoot strike running form.

Vibram FiveFingers Speed IS BEST FOR: Light Trekking, Running, Fitness and Travel.

OK once I saw these I just had to have them for everyday wearing. Vibram Five Finger shoes with laces, looks more like a regular shoe and very comfortable. Unfortunately the Speed style is not sold in the USA. I had to buy these online and luckily I knew my size in this brand so it was easy to order them. This style has laces so when wearing them they are for the majority unnoticed. I have worn these to museums, out and about town and just for everyday use. I have hardly had anyone stop and ask me about these shoes. They are very comfortable and stylish. I would hope that Vibram would sell this style in the USA soon.

Vibram Five Fingers SpeedVibram Five Fingers Speed

I have nothing but good things to say about the minimalist shoe bandwagon that Vibram has started. I have noticed with my wearing of these shoes some of my everyday knee problems have gotten better over time. I am a firm believer of what Vibram has stated about these shoes and I really hope more people join in wearing toe shoes.

The 2011 lineup of these shoes looks fantastic with new styles including more athletics and even boots.

OK. I love the Vibram FiveFingers Speed Shoe so much I went and purchased the 2011 all black version. I have been wearing these often and so far only one person has stopped me about my foot wear and said that her son just bought a pair and how much he loves them. She said she would not own a pair because she does not like feet and the toes on these shoes disgust her. Oh well, you cannot please everyone.

Men's Vibram FiveFingers Komodosport black-silver

With today's athlete in mind, Vibram FiveFingers has raised the intensity with the Vibram FiveFingers KomodoSport. This aggressive multisport design inherits what we love about the KSO with functional improvements that appeal to the most active fitness enthusiast. For the first time ever, Vibram introduces a stitch-free, seamless 2mm footbed to reduce friction. Heel and instep hook-and-loop closures help secure the stretch nylon upper to the contours of your foot-just like a second skin. The KomodoSport wouldn't be complete without a 4mm Vibram TC1 performance rubber outsole which provides the grip and protection you need for a variety of cross training activities.

Vibram FiveFingers Komodosport IS BEST FOR: Running and Fitness.

Wow! I just like the look of the Komodosport shoe so I had to have a pair. I have come to love wearing minimalsit toe shoes. I now have several pair and I know more are to come. With the Komodosport shoe I order the same size as all the other Vibram's I own. I am not sure if it is the fit or the way they are made but these shoes were at first much harder to get on and I noticed they fit much more snug. The two velcro straps kind of make it hard to put on as well so you need to have them opened when putting on this shoe. I wore the shoes for over 12-hours the first time I wore them. I noticed by the end of the day the shoe did stretch out a little bit to take the form of my foot. I believe they are a tighter fit becasue they are a more aggressive athletic type of shoe. They are just as comfortable as any of the other Vibram's I owe.

To learn more about Vibram Five Fingers visit the official site