In the mid summer of 2007 I drove a friend up to Chicago for an unknown costume fitting. While there I sat outside since I was not part of this.
Sitting there I saw many people going in and out of an undisclosed building and I was able to talk to a few people who came and went. One lady and a gentleman came out for a break. One of them asked me if I was part of ths costume fitting. I told them no. They talked to me a bit and found out that I have an interest to work in Hollywood film. One of them asked me to stand up and this person took a look at me. They asked me some questions and took a quick digital picture of me. They gave me an address to send my resume and headshot to. I confirmed this information with my friend and it was the same.

I am honored to say in about a week I got a phone call from a casting agency and was asked if I wanted to be part of a film being filmed up in Chicago. Without hesitation I said yes. I was told over the phone what to bring and to be up in Chicago in the next 2-days to spend the weekend shooting.

I have to say that this is an extremely lucky break for me. I just happened to be at the right place at the right time. I owe it all to my freind who I drove up to chicago for his initial costume fitting.

Thank you.

Being part of this film we were told the working title is "Rory's First Kiss"

Rory's First Kiss is a great working title but within weeks, most likely days the real title was out there in the world. It was not going to be a secret for long.

I cannot disclose hardly anything about this experience for me before the film comes out but I can say the following without getting into trouble.

When I arrived for the first weekend up in Chicago I was originally going to be playing a SWAT Team member. When I got to costumes one of the people said that I did not have the SWAT Member look, that I looked to nice. I was asked to stand to the side. I was saddened, I thought it was over and I was ready to received the bad news and go home. In about ten minutes another person came up to me and took my measurements and said that I was going to be playing a Gotham City Police Officer. I had no arguments there. In about twenty minutes I was undressed and dressed up as G.C.P.D. I could not have been happier. That weekend not only did I get to play a G.C.P.D. I also got to wear some nice dress clothes and sit in a restaurant / bar and be a patron. Only knowing what was happening in the scenes I was in I can say it is going to be interesting to see this on the finished project. I think it is going to be exciting. Not only did I get a dream fulfilled of being in a BATMAN film, I networked and made some new friends. After that weekend was over I went back home. I realized that I got my foot in the door for Hollywood and I can add this project to my growing resume. I have worked on other projects that are more indie type projects but now I have a Hollywood project on my resume. I can only hope that leads me to more roles (extras or other) in Hollywood films.

After a few days being home and still on a natural high of what had happened I got another phone call from the casting agency. I was asked if I wanted to return to Chicago for a few more days. I said yes. So I went back up there and was asked to bring some nice clothes. Out of all the clothing items I brought my suit was chosen to be worn. In Gotham City I am a Business Person. I got to be a witness to a really cool event that I cannot talk about, sorry. So up to this point in my BATMAN film career I have gotten to play three roles: G.C.P.D. Officer, Restaurant / Bar Patron, and a Business Person. Really Cool! After it was over I was on my way home and I got another call. I was asked to return to Gotham City for the following weekend for more days of shooting. Instead of drivig home I told them I could just stay for the rest of the week. They told me to hold on and then was instructed if I wanted to stay to stay and they will use me where they can. I was so I stayed up in Chicago, I mean Gotham.

I was once again dressed in my suit and was part of a few different scenes (indoors) I am sitting in the courtroom where Eric Roberts (Salvatore Maroni) is partiking in his scene. After that I was asked to remove the suit. I was once again placed in the uniform of a Gotham City Police Officer this time my badge was different but that was fine. Hello Aaron Eckhart (Harvey Dent) I can see you through the window! I was really happy. Not only did I get to play an G.C.P.D. Officer again I got to be part of a really major or so I think a major scene in the film. Plus for one scene I got to stand about ten feet away from Christian Bale (Bruce Wayne / Batman) and Gary Oldman (Gordon).

Let me say this. This is something I will NEVER FORGET. On set hanging out for this scene they were placing people. I saw Chris Nolan (director) talking with Christian Bale and Gary Oldman. I see Gary Oldman point at me. I pretended not to notice. I then hear "David!" Chris Nolan was waiving me over who I met earlier in the day. That is something that I cannot talk about, anyways very composed I walk over. Chris Nolan introduces me to Christian Bale and Gary Oldman, at this point I am really excited. Gary Oldman told me that he has been watching me on set that afternoon. He told me that I carry myself extremely well as an officer and he was impressed. He asked me if I was a real officer and told him no. I said thank you for the kind words. He then asked me if I wanted to be the officer talking to the two detectives about what just happend in this scene. I said yes. Though we were talking you will not hear any dialog from us, only Christian Bale and Gary Oldman will be heard. To be noticed by Gary Oldman is an honor.

I was handpicked by Gary Oldman who plays Gordan to be the officer in this scene. That is way cool! So this scene the event happenend, I walk by to what just happened (in the middle / background just behind Gary Oldman) and I go around a G.C.P.D. squad car and cross the street. As the crowd starts to form I make my way through them making a small attempt to wave them back as I continue to walk to where the two detecitves are approaching. I am about ten feet behind and in the middle of Christian Bale (Bruce Wayne / Batman) and Gary Oldman (Gordon) and the camera is pointing in my direction. So I know I have some screen time and I think it is going to be a great scene if the crowd does not block the cameras view of me. I can only hope there is a nice face shot of me.

After some long weeks up in Gotham it was called a wrap for filming BATMAN 2 - THE DARK KNIGHT. It is time for the crew to finish up in Londan and Honk Kong. I got to meet some great people (including some major players) and be part of something that I consider an event in my life that I will remember. I am so happy to have been part of this project and hope to be part of any future Batman projects.

Out of all the things that I got to witness, be part of, and more I learned a lot about the film making process, Hollywood style.

The whole time up in Chicago we were instructed that we were not allowed to take any pictures on set. On the last day they allowed up to take pictures of each other in the hold areas but not on any of the sets. I was happy since the time working on this project I wanted some proof of me being there. So without any further delays here I am in uniform as a Gotham City Police Officer. Thanks to ? for taking the pictures of me.

There were a few other things that I got to be part of but I cannot disclose them here. You will just have to wait until the movie comes out. All I can hope for is that those moments were captured on screen and put into the movie, if not at least I was part of it. A dream come true for me.

First time playing an G.C.P.D. (Pict of right is from a cell phone)

Cell Phone Picts


When I was called back it was back into a G.C.P.D. uniform. Since it was all outdoors I got a jacket this time around.
So yes I am two different officers, look at the rankings. I got promoted the second time around, no longer the rookie.

Be sure that on July 18, 2008 you go to the theaters and see "THE DARK KNIGHT"

OK. Yes we were not allowed to take any pictures on set. But on the internet I have found some that I do not feel show anything juicy.

Gotham City Flag

The Bat Signal

Camera Vehicle



Gotham City Ambulance

Gotham City Hospital

A trailer...Aahh! Ha! Haaa!

A helicopter

In case you do not know. Batman is my favorite super hero.
It is not only an honor but a dream come true to be part of one of my favorte super hero movies.
I would one day like to see a Nightwing movie.

January 22, 2008
Actor Heath Ledger was found dead today in a Broome Street apartment, apparently from an accidental drug overdose.

Ledger, 28, was well known for his role in "Brokeback Mountain," and he stars in the upcoming "The Dark Knight" Batman movie as the Joker.

He split last year (2006) from wife, Michelle Williams, with whom he has a daughter, Matilda.

"I got to meet Heath Ledger in 2007 when I was up in Chicago working on the upcomig film "The Dark Knight". It was a break period for a scene to reset and Heath Ledger was standing there right near me. From the few minutes I stood near and he offered me a cigareet, I do not smoke so I declined his offer. I shook his hand. I am glad that I got to meet such a wonderful person before his sad and tragic loss. Now when I go see "The Dark Knight" for the first time it will be sad for me, though I have no screen time with him, I am in a scene that has Joker influences."



- UPDATE July 2008 -
Allright! "The Dark Knight" is out in theaters and doing well. To have been able to be part of this film was not only an honor but a dream come true for me. To see how the scenes I got to be part of or witnessed on the big screen after Hollywood worked their magic on them is amazing. There were several scenes shot that were not used in the film some that I were in or got to witness. I can only hope that these scenes are on the deleted features on the DVD. While watching the film I did see myself really quick. I think the film was amazing and I can only hope if they do another Batman film I will be lucky enough to be part of that as well. Well here are some camera phone shots of where I am at.

G.C.P.D. come to arrest the mobsters.

While wearing my suit I was asked to sit in the courtroom. "NOT GUILTY!"
Though I cannot be seen I am in the back.

Hey that is my Element! Across the street was the holding area.

Here I am as G.C.P.D. attepmting to hold back the crowd.

Here I walk behind Gary Oldman (Gordan) and around a G.C.P.D. squad car.

Here I walk behind Gary Oldman (Gordan) and around a G.C.P.D. squad car.

Here I am talking to the two Detectives.

After telling the crowd to stay back I turn to talk to the two Detectives.

Here I am again talking to the two Detectives while the crowd is forming.