David J. Syczylo if he was in the TRON Universe, as an action figure.

As many may know I have a big Sci-Fi type of guy and I do collect items from various television and movies. I am also a big toy collector. In 2010 I was lucky enough to have my likeness sculpted in 3.3/4" action figure form. Slayer Design Stuido did the sculpting work based on photographs that were sent to them. This is my head (Male Head #160 Part #00160) or they also have my head (Male Head #3 Part #MH003) sculpted by them.

Being a fan of Sci-Fi and of course toys I took one of my action figure heads and transplanted it onto the Sam Flynn action figure by Spin Master Toys from their limited TRON line of toys. Yes, I have been a fan of TRON since the original movie from 1982. When the new TRON Legacy movie came out in 2010 I was very happy with the movie and just loved the design put into the film. I really like the new suits and I really want one. But since I cannot have a TRON Legacy suit unless I make one I decided to go for the next best thing, myself as a character from the TRON universe in toy form.

The first step in making myself as a toy from the TRON Universe is that I purchased the Sam Flynn action figure. I chose this figure not because he is a main character but his suit design is used by multiple characters in the TRON Universe, mainly in the games arena. So being a standard issued type of suit I felt this was the best choice.

I removed the head of Sam Flynn which was easy since it is a simple ball joint assembly. Once I removed the head of Sam Flynn I test fitted my custom sculpted head onto the body. Without any problems my head will fit the Sam Flynn body very well. So I took the head off and then painted it up to resemble me.

*One thing that my action figure will not have is a helmet. None of the TRON action figures have removable helmets since they are all sculpted. I could try to modify the Sam Flynn head and my head but just decided to go simple and not have a helmet.

Now that my custom sculpted head is painted it is time to assemble the head with the Sam Flynn body. POP!

This is my finished custom action figure of me if I were in the TRON universe.

TRON David