November 23-25, 2007

Starbase Indy (a non profit organization) was conceived by a group of fans in 1988. The concept was simple, a convention that was run by the fans for the fans. In the early days Starbase Indy was primarily a “Star Trek” convention… Starbase Indy has expanded to guests, to various science fiction movies, television and book related media. Starbase Indy has brought science fictions fans from all over back to the Midwest for some Sci-Fi fun.

Starbase Indy is back at the favorite hotel location in Indianapolis, Indiana the Marriott East. The hotel has a large amount of meeting space, wonderful guest rooms including suites, an exercise room, a pool/whirlpool and a mere 15 minute drive from downtown.

George (Not Lucas) Starkey. A really cool person.

This year at Starbase Indy 2007 the main guest is none other that Star Wars fans favorite “New Trilogy” Sith, Darth Maul played by Ray Park.

Other guests include:
- George "Lucas" Starkey: Indiana’s own George Lucas look-alike.
- David Reddick: an award winning cartoonist and illustrator.
- "The Great Luke Ski": otherwise known as Luke Sienkowski who writes, records and performs comedy music.
- Ned Keitt: comedian
- Richard Anderson: Master of Ceremonies

For other information about Starbase Indy visit their website.

Friday: Meet and greet day.
On Friday I arrived at the convention and picked up my badge. I walked around before the convention opened and I met up with some people and talked not only with them but some new people as well.

I watched a Star Wars fan film titled “Revelations” by Panic Struck Productions. For a fan film this project had some high quality television effects. To learn more visit their website.

I walked the dealers’ room and there are people selling all kinds of things Sci-Fi. There was jewelry, ornaments, toys, shirts, and more.
Not many good deals on figures. A newer figure from 2007 runs about $20.00 up to $30.00 while older figures from several years back might go for as little as $5.00.

Saturday: Main day, not worth it.
I arrived around 9:30am. Nobody was there except for a few people in the hallway. The convention panels start at 10:00am.

I attended the 10:00am prop discussion panel. I was disappointed that there were no props to be seen except for two foam carbonite blocks of Mystery Science Theater characters that were being used at the convention for a play.
They mainly discussed about how much prop building can be, items that can be used, tools, to work within your means but try to do the best you can with what you got. Not much useful information for a person like me who builds all kinds of things from prop replicas, furniture, to homes. It is a prop discussion panel, there should have been props for people to see.

After the prop discussion I went to see Ray Park. I created one of my collages to have signed. I was under the impression that all autographs were FREE due to what was said on the Starbase Indy website (Yes I have the pre-purchased pre-registered weekend pass) which is as follows:

Autographs have become a big business: they're the single most sought after “thing” that a person wants when attending a convention. Most conventions charge above and beyond the ticket price for this service, or jack up their prices to $300 or more... NOT US! Starbase Indy is owned and operated by FANS for FANS!

Starbase Indy attendees are guaranteed one autograph per advertised guest with the purchase of a pre-registered weekend pass. You can either bring an item to be autographed or purchase something from the Dealers' Room. Usually, the actors will offer a photo for sell and it includes an autograph. This would be an additional cost to you but would not use your included autograph. (Note: attendees will either need to purchase or bring an item for autograph. SBI will provide the autograph only, not an item to be autographed.)

Starbase Indy has contracted with each actor to sign a high number of autographs. Therefore, Starbase Indy can only guarantee those tickets that are sold in advance to receive an autograph. In most cases, it is unlikely that Starbase Indy will sell above and beyond the contracted number, but since each contract is different depending on the actor, we feel it necessary to make this policy.

I questioned this about the autographs. So I asked some people who were working the convention. They all told me that Yes the Autographs are FREE if you bring your own item if you have pre-purchased the weekend badge, which again I did.

When I approached Ray Park I said hello and showed him my custom collage that I had created. He really liked it and said nice work and stuff. I gave him a copy of it as well. He asked for whom it was for and I gave him my name and he signed it without any problems. I asked Ray if I could get a picture with him and he said sure and was standing up when the person sitting with him said it was $25.00 dollars for the autograph. I told him that the autographs were FREE since I had the pre-registered badge. No, it was not going to fly with this guy. Then he said if I wanted a picture with Ray it was going to be $40.00 at the approved photo session. I said no way.
Ray looked confused and butted in and said since I made the collage it was $20.00 so I reluctantly paid the $20.00 and walked away. What else was I going to do?

I was ticked off at this point. When I turned around I saw Ray Park standing up taking a picture with a lady. I was upset so I went to cool down. I decided to attend the 11:00am panel.

The 11:00am panel was about Independent Movies and about making them. Lots of basic but always important information like before any project have a plan (script). Work with reliable people, and do not do a half-ass job. You can always make a good film project out of a bad script but you cannot make a good film project with bad planning. Some good information for the newbie. This panel was put on by Woodworks Films which I thought was nicely done.

After that I walked the halls a bit and then left.

The main stage.

Overall I think Starbase Indy is a joke this go around. I would not even call it a convention, more like a handful of people trying to put on a convention that could have been held in someone’s basement. In the past this convention had many dealers, props, costumes, things to do, lots of guests. This year none of the was present. It was very small and not worth the money to attend a convention that only has around twenty conventioneers attending, if that many (while I was there).

If anyone asks me is it worth attending Starbase Indy? I will tell them the truth; no it is not worth attending. The way I was treated on Saturday left a very bad taste in my mouth. I will not be going back on Sudnay or to any future Starbase Indy conventions. I was extremely disappointed.