Personalized Star Wars Action Figures of David J. Syczylo (3778 aka Boba Binks)

Being a Star Wars fan who is part of the costuming groups 501st Legion and Rebel Legion I have created several costumes from the Star Wars universe. I have been a Star Wars fan ever since I first saw Star Wars: A New Hope in the 1st grade on movie day back in 1983/1984 school year.

Having grown up to adulthood but still holding onto the magic and imagination of a child, yes I am a big kid at heart I have always wanted my own action figure. I have decided that one day I am going to make an action figure of myself in all the current Star Wars costumes I have. I was told about a company called Slayer Design Stuido who can create your likeness (head) in action figure form. So naturally I geeked out and contacted them about getting my likeness made. This is my head (Male Head #160 Part #00160) or they also have my head (Male Head #3 Part #MH003) sculpted with just working off of some photographs that I had sent them. I can say that I am extremely happy with the end result. I could now make one of my dreams of having myself as an action figure a reality.

*The pictures do now show my action figures wearing any helmets. That is because the action figures I chose to use were not wearable helmets for the figures except the Snowtrooper. Each figure (not shown in the pictures) are mounted onto a base with a post where the appropriate helmets sits on top of. You can view images of that at here.

These are my finished custom action figure of myself in the various Star Wars costums I have.


RFT Binks





David Clones

For the Clone Trooper action figure(s) I actually have three characters (Clone Trooper, ARF Trooper & Pilot). I decided just to make one frame showing all three Clones of myself since the armor is basically the same just with a little different paint details that I applied.