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A group of college students are promised a Halloween night they will never forget at the old Hocket House. After arriving, they question, "Will anyone be left alive to remember?"

In the summer of 2008 I was contacted by Writers of the Storm and asked if I would be willing to partake in an upcoming video project titled "Pray for Dawn." I was told that they heard about me from a fellow artisan who dabs in this sort of area and he had nothing but good things to say about me. After we talked about the project I received a working copy of the script to review. Shortly after I met up with the fine folks at Writers of the Storm to meet face to face.

I was offered to play the character of Kyle. Kyle is a football player that likes video games who smokes a little pot and likes to have fun, sort of the comedy relief at times.  He has an awesome girl named Shelly and the two of them make a great team. This character grows and matures throughout the video project that ultimately gains respect from a certain individual.


When shooting was ready to begin all the cast and crew met up to meet each other in person. At the start it was like a family. We all connected and things were ready to happen.


For my character of Kyle I had to open up a bit from my more conserved and shy demeanor. As I felt more comfortable my character grew and things were happening where some changes were made to my character for the better. I was told the way I was portraying Kyle was great, that I made him my own. The changes were so great in fact they rewrote some scenes and added one just for me. Lets just say I get to release my anger and take on the bad guy.

The Party Scene! It was good fun.

Me and Amanda who plays my girlfried.

Me and Suzanna


Unfortunately during the shooting schedule (July 10, 2008) I was rehearsing part of a scene and I went down! I tumbled down, down, down a large hill (about 10-yards). Lucky for me I was wearing my full costume (football uniform) which protected my body except that I broke the mortise, talus, and posterior malleolar of the left foot (I broke my ankle), tore the tendon, partially torn the ligaments, and had a partial dislocation. Lucky the breaks were non-dislocations so I did not have to have any pins or surgeries. I was put into a cast for the next several weeks.

When the injury happened I felt really guilty for messing up the project. I did not know what was going to happen. I had some down time where I was very depressed due to the injury. I talked it out with the man in charge, WJ and he was more concerned with my well-being than the project. He set my mind at ease though I still felt bad.


After about four weeks I had another of my weekly checkups and the cast was removed (August 7, 2008). I was put into a brace that looks like a boot. I will be in this brace / boot for several months as it will take time for my injuries to heal. Not much more comfortable than the cast. I now get to do some exercises to help with the range of motion in the foot. I will have checkups every two weeks to see how things progress.

The hill I went down. It does not look step but it is.

When I was up and back on set.
See my cast for everyone to sign?


So now that can get around somewhat (still with the crutches and limited) shooting of this video project will resume for me. With my absence from the set shooting continued, whenever my character of Kyle was needed I had a body double / stand in. My body double / stand in would never have his face shown due to some creative camera work. Thank you Doug for filling in for me to keep the project going. I feel special for now I can say I have a body double / stand in just like a real movie star. My only regret is that I was not able to do my full climatic anger releasing scenes due to my injury. At least I get to do all the close ups where needed.

Me at Amanda at the house.

Just waiting for my girls to get into the car.

Me and Suzanna.


Now that I am back on set (though limited) to do some scenes where my face or dialogue is needed final shooting for this project is very near.


I am now finished with shooting on this project. We worked it out so the project could finish in a timely manner. After the final footage is edited we have to go back into the studio and do some ADR work. Then with all the other post production work the magic will happen to where you can "PRAY FOR DAWN."