Whoozfur 2011 / 2012 New Years Eve Party - livestreamed

To bring in 2012 the Whoozfur furries had a most wonderful party that was livestremed at the Furry Den. Not only did we have a wicked sound system, party lights and more our livestream was interactive with the viewers who could hear us since we had the microphone set up. To view the recorded livestream video click here before it is removed. I took some screen captures of the recorded livestream when I am present to prove that yes I do have good friends and that BINKS Wolf likes to have some furry fun. Sorry about the pause button in the middle of the screen on most of the shots. I had to pause the video to get the capture.

Depending where you were in the house you had your pick of food, drinks (oh my crack punch is so freaking awesome!), games, art, dancing, chatting live with viewers of the livestream and so much more clean furry fun. Anyways here are some captures of the New Years Whoozfur Party.

So the Whoozfur party is going live!

Eletee, BINKS and Mtendo "What are you doing?"


Mmmm... a yummy drink says Kristofur Fox.

See take a look.

Chug! Chug! Chug!

BINKS and Mtendo dance.

So happy, Murrr...

Chatting with the livestream viewers.


Looks like time for more crack punch.

More chatting with the viewers.

Tora and BINKS' heads make a close up.

BINKS and Kristofur on the couch.

Snuggle time!

Pile on BINKS and Kristofur!

What the?

Ut oh!

Pile on again!

It is fun to be in a friendly fur pile on the couch.

BINKS goes in for a naughty feel and grind.

Having way to much fun.

Oh yeah, way to much fun now.

Break time. Need more crack punch!

Mmmmm another yummy drink.

Oh no! Your "fake" boobs are looking funny.

I will fix that for you.

NICE! and I do not like boobs.

"Woof, Meow.....Murrrr."

Reading comments from the viewers.

Ahhh relaxing.

Putting the sock back on the microphone.

"Look at this picture I took!"


BINKS head on the couch? Where did I go?

Watching the ball drop.

5, 4, 3,...

2, 1... Happy New Years!

First hug of the New Year.

Hmmmm love giving hugs to my furry friends.

And at this point of the livestream it cut off. Many huggs were then had and then some more furry fun late into the night or is it into the early day for the new year? There were lots of memorable things that happened like Kristofur Fox just being the outgoing fox that he is. He is just so much fun to hang around due to his shenanigans. The fur piles, you can never have to much of that and the snuggling. Making and being around fury friends was and is always awesome. The goofing off was priceless and well you just had to be there.

This was no doubt has been my favorite New Years party in a very long time. Not only did I get to spend it with some of my best furry freinds it was just a great time had by all not having to worry about who or what you are, we are a big happy furry family. Looking forward to our next get together.

So many hugs, laughs, snuggles, friendships and more who would not like that?

Happy 2012 all my furry friends!