MonaVie is a beverage company distributing products made from blended fruit juice concentrates with freeze-dried açaí powder and purée through a multi-level marketing (MLM) business model. MonaVie has been the subject of controversy, as health benefit claims for its products have not been scientifically confirmed or approved by regulatory authorities, its CEO was previously involved in false health claims of another beverage the business plan is similar to a pyramid scheme and very few distributors actually make a profit.

With that said let me tell you about my experience with MonaVie. I drink MonaVie Essential™ here is the text on that: it is a mouthwatering blend of 19 body-beneficial fruits and AçaVie™—the purest, most potent form of açai available. Scientifically formulated to support your body's nutritional needs, this efficacious juice defends against the effects of aging while improving your overall health.

Basically it is suppose to flush out more of the toxins within your body.


Those who know me know that I am a skeptic and a realist. I do not believe in anything until I have experienced it for myself and have been proven to that something is legit. I am not one of these people who jump onto bandwagons or have to have or be part of something because it is popular.

I first heard of MonaVie from my neighbors. They told me about and gave me a bottle to try. They said if I liked it, saw any changes, ect I could pay them for the bottle if not I do not pay a thing. So I accepted the bottle of MonaVie Essential.

I did not use it that night but searched for information about the product. At first I thought to myself that this was entirely bullshit but I went ahead and gave it a try while the bottle lasted.


For the first few days I did not see any effects. I was drinking 2oz in the morning and 2oz at night like the directions said. About the fourth day I did start to notice that my afternoon headaches were getting less, I had more energy and I noticed that my appetite was getting less. I thought to myself maybe this is really working. So after the bottle was used up I paid my neighbors for the bottle and bought a second bottle from them.


After the second week of this stuff was in my system I definitely noticed a change. I had more energy, my headaches were virtually gone, my knee that has been rebuilt was not aching as it once did and I have started to lose a little bit of weight because my appetite was suppressed.


So after this second bottle was gone I started to become a believer in this product. I went back to my neighbors and told them about my experience with the MonaVie and told them I would like to get more. My neighbors are one of the pyramid distributors and it was explained to me the whole pyramid scheme and all the in-betweens of the company, ect. I did not sign up to become a distributor but just a customer. I went ahead and signed up for one year of product.


I have now been on the MonaVie Essential for two months and I can honestly say that I am a firm believer in this product. It was proven to me that it is the real deal. I have not tried the other flavors or products of MonaVie for the Essential fit my lifestyle.


Here is a list of my experiences of using MonaVie.


  1. more energy
  2. less headaches
  3. eating less resulting in some weight loss
  4. less aches and pains in my knee and overall body
  5. higher sex drive
  6. seamen is less yellow in color and more of an off white color
  7. partner told me that my seamen tastes better